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Are we getting climate finance all wrong?

Today 9:00am - Long-term thinking about climate change is challenging widely held assumptions about how we spend money today.

Scientists find climate-change secrets locked in troposphere

Today 9:00am - Scientists studying the troposphere – the lowest level of the atmosphere – have found “powerful evidence” that climate change is altering seasonal temperatures.

Officals block Sydney waste-power incinerator

Today 9:00am - A plan for a massive waste-to-energy incinerator in western Sydney has been blocked, after the New South Wales Independent Planning Commission ruled there was “uncertainty” over human health and environmental impacts.

Baltimore sues 26 fossil fuels companies ...

Today 9:00am - Baltimore's waterfront revitalisation has become a model for urban development, but sea level rise and extreme weather are putting its future at risk.

... and judge pours cold water on New York hopes

Today 9:00am - A federal judge has dismissed New York City's lawsuit against five of the world's largest oil companies, dealing a setback to local governments that are trying to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable for climate change.

Airbus to build solar-powered unmanned planes

Today 9:00am - Airbus has unveiled plans to manufacture a solar plane which will fly unmanned high in the sky.

Meat and dairy set to pass oil as biggest polluter

Friday - Meat and dairy companies are on track to be the world’s biggest contributors to climate change, outpacing even the fossil fuel industry, according to a new report.

California's mega farms display their dark side

Friday - The floor of California's Central Valley is slumping, and there is arsenic in the tap water. It seems the two problems are connected.

Palau plans the fastest-ever shift to renewable energy

Friday - Palau plans to stop buying diesel and go 100 per cent solar by the end of 2019 - offering a blueprint for other Pacific nations to do the same.

UN and Google team up to monitor enviro damage

Friday - UN Environment and Google have joind forces to provide trackable data on human impacts on the environment.

Singapore battles addiction to plastic

Friday - The average Singaporean uses an unconscionable 13 plastic bags a day. With its only landfill site fast filling up, what are consumers and businesses doing to defuse the nation's plastic waste...

Burning of waste set to overtake recycling in England

Friday - England is on the brink of burning more of its rubbish in incinerators than it recycles for the first time, according to a new analysis.

EU-Japan trade deal first to carry Paris pact clause

Thursday - Europe’s massive free-trade deal with Japan is the first the EU has struck with a specific provision on the Paris climate agreement.

Internet under threat from rise in sea levels

Thursday - The rise in sea levels will put vital internet infrastructure at risk, new research suggests.

Native peoples have key role in conservation

Thursday - Indigenous peoples are crucial for global conservation and for living with climate change – after all, a quarter of all land is in their hands.

A billion people struggle to stay cool as the world warms

Thursday - More than a billion people are at risk from a lack of air conditioning and refrigeration to keep them cool and to preserve food and medicines as global warming brings more high temperatures, a new...

Aircraft industry feels heat from changing climate

Thursday - The extreme heat that has come with climate change is prompting aircraft manufacturers to test their fleets for increasingly hotter temperatures.

EU and China agree on climate change action

Wednesday - Climate change will become a “main pillar” of the relationship between the European Union and China, leaders said yesterday.

How Trump’s trade war could be used to fight climate change

Wednesday - What if countries responded to US President Donald Trump’s tariffs by taxing imports based on their carbon footprint instead?

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