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WHALE TALE: 100 years of protection and still hurting

31 Oct 17 - For some whale populations, even 100 years of protection is not long enough to recover from the excesses of commercial hunting.

Corals clue to sudden bursts of ocean rise

25 Oct 17 - Fossilised corals off Texas show that in the past, sea level rose several meters in just decades, probably due to collapsing glaciers.

LOSING NEMO: When the anemone becomes the enemy

12 Oct 17 - The anemonefish – better known as Nemo after the children’s film Finding Nemo – is at risk from the impacts of climate change.

Marine life faces mass extinction by 2100

11 Oct 17 - Mass marine extinction may be inevitable if humans go on burning fossil fuels under the notorious “business as usual” scenario.

Attenborough: 'I remember being told plastic doesn't decay, it's wonderful'

27 Sep 17 - In his sequel to The Blue Planet, David Attenborough will focus on the threats to our oceans and explain why plastic pollution, climate change and overpopulation are problems too urgent to be left to ecologists.

DYING BREED: Our oceans are no place to be a senior fish

19 Sep 17 - Fishing has dramatically reduced the number of senior fish left in the ocean.

Tiny part of oceans could help to feed plenty

13 Sep 17 - Marine aquaculture could produce as much seafood as all of the world’s wild marine fisheries, using less than 0.015 per cent of the space in the oceans.

DANGEROUS DIET: Sea salt is sucking up plastic pollution

11 Sep 17 - Sea salt around the world has been contaminated by plastic pollution, adding to experts’ fears that microplastics are becoming ubiquitous in the environment and finding their way into the food chain.

Anchovies eat plastic because it smells like prey

21 Aug 17 - More than 50 species of fish have been found to consume plastic trash at sea ... bad news, not only for fish but potentially for humans who eat fish.

Ocean oxygen depletion could happen again

15 Aug 17 - The deep past has cruel lessons for the near future, for example how ocean oxygen depletion can stifle the marine world. It could recur.

Global ocean circulation appears to be collapsing

14 Aug 17 - Scientists have long known about the anomalous “warming hole” in the North Atlantic Ocean, an area immune to warming of Earth’s oceans.

Mexico has an idea ... insure coral reefs against damage

25 Jul 17 - A stretch of coral reef off Mexico is the testing ground for a new idea that could protect fragile environments around the world - insurance.


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