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How forests can be long-term carbon stores

Today 11:00am - Forests can be a long-term store of carbon if they’re managed correctly – but without them, New Zealand has no hope of reaching carbon neutrality by the middle of the century, a forestry expert says.

Business lobby warns of huge disruption

Kirk Hope

Today 11:00am - Banning every industry except agriculture from using forestry credits to offset greenhouse gas emissions would be a huge disruption to the economy, says Business NZ.

Q and A: The commissioner explains

Simon Upton

Today 11:00am - Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment Simon Upton answers questions on yesterday’s report recommending big changes to the way New Zealand deals with greenhouse gas emissions.

Ten years ago ...

Jeanette Fitzsimons

Today 11:00am - Ten years ago, Labour and the Greens were offering the National Government a cross-party deal on the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Minister not keen on Upton's ETS proposals

Simon Upton

Tuesday - Sweeping changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme proposed by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, which would see forestry credits used only for offsetting emissions from farming and not from other industries, are unlikely to be picked up by the Government.

Farming in ETS good move, says forestry expert

Euan Mason

Tuesday - Agriculture should be brought into the Emissions Trading Scheme as soon as possible – and farmers be given the opportunity to make money from it, the Government has been told.

Ten years ago ...

Tuesday - Ten years ago, the country’s largest locally owned energy company was calling for the Emissions Trading Scheme to be put on hold and replaced with a carbon tax in the interim.

Shipowners want out of 'unfair' ETS

Monday - Shipowners want out of the Emissions Trading Scheme, saying it won’t be fair if they have to pay twice for their emissions.

Ten years ago ...

Monday - Ten years ago, forest owners were looking for carbon prices to rise in the wake of the first sale under the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Treasury sees use for international credits

Friday - Treasury wants to retain the ability to use international carbon credits to meet New Zealand’s 2050 emissions reduction target, confidential papers show.

Tiwai and dairying push up emissions from coal

21 Mar 19 - The firing up of an extra pot-line at the Tiwai Point aluminium smelter and a strong dairying season pushed up New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions from the burning of coal.

Ten years ago ...

Xie Zhenhua

21 Mar 19 - Ten years ago, China was rejecting an American proposal to impose tariffs on goods from countries with no price on carbon.

Pioneer carbon trader to change hands

Nigel Brunel

20 Mar 19 - The trading house that 10 years ago today handled the first trade under New Zealand’s Emissions Trading Scheme is about to change hands.

Ten years ago ...

20 Mar 19 - Ten years ago, New Zealand scientists were warning of potential catastrophic sea-level rise as a result of ice melting in Antarctica as the climate warms.


20 Mar 19 - Spot NZUs opened at $25.55 bid and $26.65 offered this morning, after last fixing at $25.65.

Taranaki eyes future in hydrogen economy

19 Mar 19 - Taranaki is talking up the hydrogen economy to replace its petrochemical wealth.


19 Mar 19 - Spot NZUs opened at $25.40 bid and $25.65 offered this morning, after last fixing at $25.55.

Ten years ago ...

19 Mar 19 - Ten years ago, the Washington Post was recommending New Zealand as a destination of choice for Americans fearing ecological disaster.

How emitters can't see the trees for the carbon

18 Mar 19 - Storing carbon in new native forests could help to bring down New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions and protect native species at the same time, researchers say.

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