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UK plans to make plastic producers pay

Today 10:00am - Britain is about to set out plans to overhaul its recycling system, including making plastic packaging producers pay the full cost of dealing with their waste.

BBC under pressure to tell climate story

19 Dec 18 - A pressure group has called on the BBC, as Britain's public broadcaster, to convey the severity of the climate and ecological emergency.

London mayor unveils climate change plan

17 Dec 18 - London mayor Sadiq Khan has outlined his new climate change plan, designed to protect people from floods, fires and political upheaval.

Trailblazing UK climate change act a global model

27 Nov 18 - Ten years after its creation, the landmark UK climate change legislation has many lessons for other countries as they look for ways to turn the Paris deal into national action.

UK advised to look at hydrogen heating

23 Nov 18 - Millions of gas boilers will need to be replaced with hydrogen alternatives and coupled with electric heating devices if Britain is to hit its carbon targets at the lowest cost.

Spy in the sky spots households wasting heat

16 Nov 18 - People in the UK who waste heat by failing to ensure their homes, offices and factories are leak-proof will soon have the prospect of a spy in the sky to persuade them to mend their ways.

Britain's new climate could bring wine bonanza

13 Nov 18 - Could rain-sodden Britain become the hot new wine producer?

Scientists will risk prison to get climate action

2 Nov 18 - A group of British scientists and their supporters is willing to risk a prison term to press governments to tackle climate change and environmental crises.

UK announces tax on plastic packaging

1 Nov 18 - The UK has announced a world-leading plastics tax which will apply to any business that produces or imports plastic packaging that does not contain at least 30 per cent recycled content.

How one small island showed us how to clean up our act

25 Oct 18 - In just 10 years, the Isle of Man has rid its beaches of plastic and earned Unesco status as a world leader in ocean protection. So how did it do it?

Wales to turn back on coal mining

19 Oct 18 - Future coal mining applications are set to be rejected as a matter of policy for the first time in Wales.

Fracking protesters set free on appeal

19 Oct 18 - Three protesters jailed for blocking access to a UK fracking site have walked free after the court of appeal quashed their sentences, calling them “manifestly excessive”.

Banks and insurers must have plans, says BoE

18 Oct 18 - The Bank of England has told Britain’s banks and insurers they must come up with credible plans for protecting themselves against risks from climate change and that they might need to hold more...

UK steps towards zero-carbon economy

17 Oct 18 - The UK is taking a tentative step towards a radical "green" future with zero emissions of greenhouse gases.

Fracking part of the deal, says UK minister

16 Oct 18 - As she considers setting a date for the UK emissions to hit net-zero, UK energy and clean growth minister Claire Perry said fracking for new gas resources remained “pragmatic policy”.

Top climate scientist blasts fracking plans

15 Oct 18 - One of the world’s leading climate scientists, James Hansen, has launched a scathing attack on the UK government’s fracking programme, accusing ministers of aping Donald Trump and ignoring scientific...

BBC to show first climate film since 2007

15 Oct 18 - A 90-minute film with the working title Two Degrees will be shown on BBC television next March. It will be the first time BBC One has aired a primetime documentary dedicated to the topic of climate...

Labour’s low-carbon plan is a good start

8 Oct 18 - The UK Labour Party’s plan for a low-carbon Britain breaks new ground and could offer a lifeline to a clean energy sector hit by the withdrawal of subsidies.

Financial watchdog chases big firms over climate risk

18 Sep 18 - Budget airline EasyJet and three other major companies have been reported to the UK’s Financial Reporting Council for failing to adequately report to shareholders on their climate change exposure.

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