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Aviation industry hears clamour for electric planes

17 Jun 19 - Aerospace companies gathering for the Paris air show this week are turning their thoughts to a future run on electricity rather than fossil fuels.

Florida clears path for autonomous vehicles

17 Jun 19 - Florida establishes a clear legal framework for self-driving cars to operate within the state.

Largest hybrid-electric aircraft takes flight

12 Jun 19 - The highest-capacity hybrid-electric aircraft has taken to the skies in California on its first test flight.

Tesla’s electric-car dream will soon come crashing down

30 May 19 - Tesla completely transformed the car landscape when it introduced the Roadster, pioneering the mass-market electric car. Now, it is doomed.

These strange beasts are our cars

17 May 19 - Widespread automation, electrification, and connectivity are set to revolutionise the car of the future.

What Daimler’s move means for carbon-neutral car industry

15 May 19 - Daimler, one of the world’s leading producers of premium cars and commercial vehicles, is engineering a new future for the sector with a bold new climate commitment.

Origami navy carries kids' SOS to the global shipping industry

9 May 19 - Schoolchildren launched a fleet of origami boats carrying messages about climate change to delegates at UN shipping talks in London.

Why people should come first in transport future

30 Apr 19 - People using public transport or walking or cycling should be given priority over cars and that might mean limiting traffic speeds to 30kmh, a new report says.

How will we cope with vehicles that do our driving for us?

30 Apr 19 - Billions of dollars are being poured into autonomous vehicle research - but not much thought is going into how humans will respond to the new-fangled transport.

Ford under criminal probe over emissions

29 Apr 19 - The US Justice Department has launched a criminal investigation into Ford’s emissions certification process.

Why flying taxis could be the way to go for long journeys

12 Apr 19 - Futuristic electric flying taxis like those seen in the movie Blade Runner could offer a more sustainable - and much faster - way to travel long distances.

Electric cars outsell the rest in Norway

3 Apr 19 - In a symbolic first, electric cars outsold fossil fuel-powered ones in Norway last month.

How the car industry hid the truth about diesel emissions

29 Mar 19 - The ‘Dieselgate’ scandal was suppressed for years – while we should have been driving electric cars.

Plant waste key in new aviation fuel

22 Mar 19 - Waste from plants and trees could soon be fueling jet planes.

CRUISE CONTROL: Bigger ships, bigger trouble

15 Mar 19 - As more gigantic cruise ships take to the high seas in the coming years, the industry says it intends to embrace low-carbon technologies and reduce its environmental impact.

Detroit gets new life as e-Motor City

12 Mar 19 - After years when Detroit was Ground Zero for scepticism about electric vehicles, the traditional auto industry’s hometown has become a hub of EV action.

High-flying airlines in short haul mode on gas emissions

7 Mar 19 - None of the world’s top 20 stock-listed air carriers has any plans in place to manage greenhouse gas emissions after 2025, according to a new report.

Electric cars star at Geneva motor show

7 Mar 19 - Electric cars have been the star of the glitzy Geneva motor show so far, as Honda unveiled its first all-electric effort, the E-Prototype, and Italian supercar maker Pininfarina lifted the lid on...

Global shipping inches forward on fuel rules

25 Feb 19 - The International Maritime Organisation inched forward last week on its promises to ban the use of heavy fuel oil in the Arctic and reduce black carbon emissions from ships.

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Kangaroo Island shows rock-solid promise for lithium

Tuesday - Mining and energy company Lithium Australia has reported it has found anomalous...

Bottled water giants back new global plan to cut plastic waste

13 Jun 19 - The world’s biggest yoghurt maker Danone and food packaging giant Tetra Pak are...

CellCube to bring grid battery to South Australia

23 May 19 - Renewables firm Pangea Energy and vanadium battery producer CellCube have...

Minesto partners with leading financial adviser

22 May 19 - Swedish marine energy developer Minesto has engaged with leading financial...

Finland using circular economy of textiles

21 May 19 - In Finland, end-of-life textiles no longer end up in landfills, but there is...

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