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Environmental activism no racket, rules judge

Friday - A judge has dismissed a Canadian logging company's lawsuit against Greenpeace and another activist group that accused them of running a criminal enterprise through their environmental campaigns.

Hunger increasing thanks to wars and climate change

Friday - Despite efforts to end food shortages, hunger is on the rise again after years of decline, a UN report says.

Toxic firefighting chemicals public health challenge

Friday - The contamination of drinking water by toxic firefighting chemicals is the most seminal public health challenge of coming decades, says a US environmental official.

Planting the planet could cut as much carbon as halting oil

Thursday - Planting forests and other activities that harness the power of nature could play a major role in limiting global warming under the 2015 Paris agreement.

KITCHEN CRIMES: The hidden scandal of hotel food waste

Thursday - What if every time you sat down for a meal, you threw one-quarter of it in the trash? That’s the hidden story of waste in the hospitality industry.

How potatoes and bananas can keep your house warm

Thursday - Potatoes and bananas reborn as insulation, peanuts processed into partition boards and mushroom bricks that grow in five days ... just some of the ways the building trade could change its wasteful ways and construct virtuous new cities.

Egypt shaped by volcanoes and climate change

Thursday - Volcanic eruptions and climate change have been linked to periods of social unrest and the eventual downfall one of Ancient Egypt's most famous dynasties.

Trump stance on Paris deal sad, says Pope

Wednesday - Speaking on World Food Day, Francis said climate change was a driver of hunger and migration and the Paris climate agreement was the legal basis for the solution.

One-third of population could be living in Africa by 2100

Tuesday - Today, one out of six people on Earth live in Africa. These same projections predict that the proportion will be one in four in 2050 and more than one in three by 2100.

IMF tells rich nations climate change is urgent business

12 Oct 17 - The International Monetary Fund has warned the world’s richest nations to have a greater sense of urgency about climate change.

Americans seem to care least about climate change

10 Oct 17 - When asked about major threats to their country, Europeans are more likely than Americans to cite global climate change.

Think you’re too smart to be taken in by silly food labels?

10 Oct 17 - The bakery that tried to list ‘love’ as a granola ingredient might not have got away with it, but elsewhere dubious and confusing labelling is rife – and it is ruining our diets.

Oceans tell the story of how our planet is warming

6 Oct 17 - More than 90 per cent of the excess heat trapped by greenhouse gas emissions has been absorbed into the oceans.

Thou shalt not burn coal ... Catholics shun fossil fuels

5 Oct 17 - Forty Roman Catholic groups have announced they will shun investments in fossil fuels and have urged others to follow suit.

Ireland a spectacular climate change failure

4 Oct 17 - Ireland has failed spectacularly in its response to the challenges posed by climate change over the last 15 years, the Citizens’ Assembly has been told.

Coca-Cola gave us a billion more plastic bottles last year

3 Oct 17 - Coca-Cola increased its production of throwaway plastic bottles last year by well over a billion, according to analysis by Greenpeace.

PROMISES, PROMISES: Does Big Business really mean business?

2 Oct 17 - Corporations globally have made hundreds of commitments on deforestation. But what do these pledges really mean and why do scandals keep happening?

Yes, says the UN, the planet can be pollution free

2 Oct 17 - Pollution is controllable and avoidable through political leadership, high-level champions and commitments, says a new UN report.

RAW DEAL: Have children lost touch with the natural world?

2 Oct 17 - Studies show that children are better at identifying Pokémon characters than real animals and plants.

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