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JFK first to be warned about climate change

Friday - John F. Kennedy was warned about "climate control" in February 1961, becoming perhaps the first American president to learn about people's impact on planetary temperatures.

Climate change back on US political agenda

Thursday - With their win of control of the US House of Representatives, Democrats will now have the numbers to put climate change issues back on the Congressional agenda.

Court allows children's climate case to go ahead

6 Nov 18 - Two weeks after it put the case on hold, the US. Supreme Court has allowed a lawsuit brought by 21 children and young adults against the federal government over climate change to proceed.

US makers double down on utes and SUVs

2 Nov 18 - The big three US vehicle makers - GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler - talk about a cleaner future, but in reality are pushing the sales of gas-guzzling SUVs and utes.

Climate change drives migrant caravan

1 Nov 18 - While violence and poverty have been cited as the reasons for the Central Amica exodus, experts say the big picture is that changing climate is forcing farmers off their land Ė and itís likely to get worse.

US scientists keen to get political power

24 Oct 18 - More than a dozen scientists are candidates for US House and Senate seats this year in a wave fueled by the Trump Administrationís anti-science agenda.

US emissions fell in 2017 as coal plants shut

23 Oct 18 - Greenhouse gas emissions from the largest US industrial plants fell 2.7 per cent in 2017 as coal plants shut, according to the Trump administration.

Trump tries again to stop youngsters' case

23 Oct 18 - President Trumpís administration has for a second time asked the US Supreme Court to put the brakes on a lawsuit filed by young activists who have accused the government of ignoring the perils of...

Judge rules youngsters can sue the state

18 Oct 18 - A lawyer for a group of young Americans suing the federal government over climate change said a judgeís decision to allow the suit to move forward should clear the way for a trial to begin this month.

There's something there, says Trump

17 Oct 18 - US President Donald Trump, speaking during a hurricane recovery briefing in Georgia, said he believes "there is something there" when asked about climate change, but once again cast doubt on the...

I sued the state of Washington because I can't breathe there

8 Oct 18 - Summers in my home city of Seattle didnít use to be smoggy to the point that they make me and my friends sick. Now they are Ė and that violates our rights.

MOVING OUT: America's era of climate mass migration is here

26 Sep 18 - By the end of this century, sea-level rises alone could displace 13 million Americans. Many states will have to grapple with hordes of residents seeking dry ground.


25 Sep 18 - The United States stands to lose a lot more from climate change than it realises.


25 Sep 18 - California coastal cities should be prepared for the possibility that oceans will rise more than three metres by 2100, the state Coastal Commission warns.

HOME INVASION: It's time to move away from the coasts

17 Sep 18 - For an increasing number of people, coastal flooding and erosion is a real threat to property, the local economy and, in some cases, life.

EPA loses 1600 employees under Trump

12 Sep 18 - The US Environmental Protection Agency lost 1600 employees in the first 18 months of the Trump administration, including 260 scientists and 185 specialists. Fewer than 400 people have been hired.

California governor ups the clean-energy game

12 Sep 18 - California solidified its role as a world leader on climate action as Governor Jerry Brown signed legislation to shift the state to 100 per cent carbon-free electricity by 2045.

Thousands march across US to protest at environment crisis

11 Sep 18 - Tens of thousands of people took part in marches and other events across the US at the weekend, calling for a swift transition to renewable energy.

California plans to run on carbon-free power by 2045

31 Aug 18 - Legislation has been passed to move California towards 100 per cent clean energy by 2045.

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