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How Adani could damage climate, health, tourism

Monday - The Climate Council is warning of serious risks to the environment, public health and North Queensland tourism, if plans for Australia’s largest coal mine go ahead.

Why 2deg warming is worse for Australia than 1.5deg

17 May 17 - How will extreme weather events change Australia with more warming in the future? Will they become more frequent? Will they become more severe?

Australia’s biggest emitters opt to wait and see

16 May 17 - Many of Australia’s most carbon-intensive companies are either not participating in the federal government’s flagship Emissions Reduction Fund, or are adopting a wait-and-see approach.

Solar keeps farmers' beer cold out in the boondocks

16 May 17 - Along the remote southern coastline of Western Australia, the locals have cottoned on to a new, surefire way to keep their beer cold.

California could inspire Australia's energy future

12 May 17 - Australia could emulate California on climate change policy by bringing in improved energy and fuel efficiency standards to drive large-scale reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, a new report says.

Canberra axes climate research unit funding

12 May 17 - The Australian government has axed funding for the National Climate Change Adaptation Research Facility, an agency that provides information on how best to manage the risks of climate change and sea level rise.

Young women bring new look to life down on the farm

12 May 17 - Women have long played a silent role in agriculture in Australia – now a new generation of female farmers is stepping forward.

Australia doesn't need Adani mine, says Westpac

11 May 17 - The Adani Carmichael coalmine is not needed to support the economy, the Westpac chief executive has said in defence of his bank’s decision not to finance the mine.

COOL IDEA: Sydney to spend $8m on trees

11 May 17 - Sydney City is planting $8 million worth of trees to try to keep the city cool.

COFFEE TO GO: Would you like sustainability with that?

11 May 17 - Our daily brew is creating an environmental disaster, but social enterprises are coming up with new ideas for cups, pods and coffee grinds.

Canberra swimming against the tide on Westpac call

4 May 17 - The Australian government’s strident criticism of Westpac for not financing the Adani Carmichael coal mine is out of step with the economics.

Solar could provide 30% of Australia’s power needs by 2030

4 May 17 - Solar photovoltaics could provide 30 per cent of Australia’s electricity needs by 2030.

Big banks distance themselves from Adani mine

1 May 17 - Australia’s big four banks have ruled out funding or withdrawn from Adani’s Queensland coal project, after Westpac said it would not back opening up new coalmining regions.

Households key to Australia’s energy transition

1 May 17 - Australia’s households and small businesses will play a critical role in the switch to 100 per cent renewable energy.

Turnbull tells Adani native title won't stop mine

13 Apr 17 - Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has assured the Indian billionaire hoping to build Australia’s largest coal mine in Queensland that native title issues will not stop the $16 billion project.

Barrier bleaching could set back Queensland by $1b

13 Apr 17 - Queensland's economy and tourism sector could suffer a billion-dollar hit, if extreme coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef continues, says a new report.

Beating the heat for apartment dwellers

11 Apr 17 - Heatwaves could be deadly for many Australian apartment dwellers if the grid fails, so architects are coming up with ways to manage temperatures passively.

Three Australian banks review exposure to fossil fuels

10 Apr 17 - Three of Australia’s big four banks are reviewing their exposure to fossil fuels, including their lending practices to households and farmers, in response to climate change.

Debbie shows up dangers of concentrated cropping

7 Apr 17 - The damage wrought by cyclone Debbie raises broader questions about the resilience of Australia’s fresh vegetable supply, much of which comes from a relatively small number of areas that are under...

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