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Paris Agreement

Only 16 countries meet their Paris commitment

1 Nov 18 - Only 16 countries out of the 197 that signed the Paris Agreement have defined national climate action plan ambitious enough to meet their pledges.

Catholic bishops call for faith in Paris target

30 Oct 18 - Catholic Church leaders have urged governments around the world to ramp up their climate action efforts, calling for “ambitious implementation” of the Paris Agreement.

All Paris pact counties now have climate policies

2 May 18 - All 197 countries which signed the Paris Agreement now have at least one law in place to limit global temperatures.

Bonn meeting to sort out Paris pact

30 Apr 18 - A meeting to hammer out the “operating manual” for the Paris Agreement starts in Bonn today.

OPINION: The Paris Agreement is deeply flawed

Dr Jason Hickel

21 Mar 18 - THE PARIS accord is built on speculative tech fantasies. It can not save us from climate catastrophe, says Dr JASON HICKEL of the University of London.

US now only country saying it won't be part of Paris Agreement

8 Nov 17 - Syria has decided to sign the Paris agreement on climate change, the world's final functioning state to do so.

Nicaragua yes leaves US and Syria out in the cold

22 Sep 17 - President Daniel Ortega has announced that Nicaragua will sign the Paris Agreement, leaving the US and Syria the only two countries not taking part in the global accord.

Paris Agreement needs to be politically, not legally, binding

28 Jul 17 - Whether countries have the legal right to back out of their climate commitments is irrelevant. It’s up to defenders to make sure it hurts them politically.

PARIS PACT: We might have less time than we thought

27 Jul 17 - A new global temperature baseline casts doubt on humanity's ability to meet the Paris target.

IT CAN BE DONE: Net zero emissions possible by 2060

7 Jun 17 - Global emissions can be pushed down to net zero by 2060 to meet the climate goals of the Paris Agreement, says the International Energy Agency.

We could be better off if US does withdraw from Paris deal

25 May 17 - A United States withdrawal from the Paris Agreement could be the best outcome for international climate action.

Trump names May for decision on Paris pact

3 Apr 17 - President Donald Trump is planning to decide by late May on whether the US should stay in the Paris climate change agreement.

Only three EU states on track to meet Paris goals

31 Mar 17 - Only three European countries are on course to achieve the Paris Agreement targets, according to research which ranks the UK in fifth position on its progress towards the landmark climate treaty.

Antarctic sea ice sets record low temperature

6 Mar 17 - A new record warm temperature for Antarctica has been confirmed by the World Meteorological Organisation as sea ice surrounding the continent has shrunk to a record low.

Eye in the sky will spy on carbon cuts

2 Mar 17 - The world needs a way to verify that nations have made their promised carbon cuts in order to make the Paris agreement effective. And a sophisticated new satellite might be the answer.

Duterte signs Paris climate agreement

2 Mar 17 - Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has signed the Paris Agreement on Climate Change putting the deal one step closer to ratification in the country.

Paris deal needs US, warns White House

30 Nov 16 - The world will not achieve its climate goals without an active US administration leading on greenhouse gas cuts, the White House has warned.

As envoys bicker, it’s time to focus on real climate action

29 Nov 16 - Countries have two years of arguing over the fine-print of the Paris climate deal ahead of them: it’s time to focus on what’s happening in the real world.

Paris goals at risk from new coal schemes

11 Oct 16 - Slowing down construction of coal-fired power stations will be vital to hit globally agreed climate change goals, says World Bank president Jim Yong Kim.

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