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SOLAR SURGE: Renewable energy sets new record

Today 11:00am - Global renewable energy capacity increased by 161GW last year, setting a new deployment record for the sector.

Wildlife reshuffle will have huge impact on humanity

Today 11:00am - Mass migration of species to cooler climes has profound implications for society, pushing disease-carrying insects, crop pests and crucial pollinators into new areas.

Exit Hazelwood ... and the myth of cheap fossil fuels

Today 11:00am - Australia's giant Hazelwood brown coal generator shut down the last of its eight units at 4pm yesterday, the latest and the most powerful symbol of the vast and rapid change in the nation's energy system.

Only three EU states on track to meet Paris goals

Today 11:00am - Only three European countries are on course to achieve the Paris Agreement targets, according to research which ranks the UK in fifth position on its progress towards the landmark climate treaty.

Dead Sea drill shows unprecedented drought

Today 11:00am - Far below the Dead Sea, between Israel, Jordan and Palestinian territory, researchers have found evidence of a drought that has no precedent in human experience.

KILLER TOYS: How thousand die for Western consumers

Today 11:00am - Western consumers who buy cheap imported toys, clothes and mobile phones are indirectly contributing to tens of thousands of pollution-related deaths in the countries where the goods are produced.

Indian oil majors prepare for e-vehicle boom

Today 11:00am - India’s oil majors are eyeing up the lithium-ion battery market in preparation for an electric-vehicle boom.

Europe readies to take global lead on climate efforts

Thursday - The European Union has led criticism of Donald Trump’s effort to unravel Barack Obama’s measures to combat climate change, suggesting that Europe will now take the lead in global efforts.

Sydney looks at 2050 to be carbon neutral

Thursday - Sydney has a plan to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

How an energy icon bet on nuclear power - and lost

Thursday - Westinghouse, once synonymous with America’s industrial might, wagered its future on nuclear power ... and lost.

EU countries abuse forestry credits loophole

Thursday - European Union countries exploited loopholes in United Nations forestry rules to pocket carbon credits worth €600 million and the equivalent of global-warming emissions from 114 million cars.

Debbie could teach us a thing or two

Thursday - Despite knowing, approximately, where cyclones tend to occur, we've never thought about adjusting our cities to their effects.

Soil microbes hold key to climate puzzle

Thursday - Climate scientists puzzled by the traffic of carbon between soil and air might have to think more deeply about the role played by soil microbes − the planet’s smallest inhabitants.

Wildlife changing to keep up with climate

Thursday - Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing Australia’s wildlife, plants and ecosystems, a point driven home by two consecutive years of mass coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.

Why the bike is good for moving more than people

Thursday - Better infrastructure for transporting people by bike is great. But cycle freight could free up roads and transform cities and towns, too.

Trump climate moves undermine Paris Agreement

Wednesday - President Trump has launched an all-out assault on Barack Obama’s climate change legacy with a sweeping executive order that undermines America’s commitment to the Paris agreement.

Green chemistry key to improving sustainability

Wednesday - The development and evolution of the chemical industry is directly responsible for many of the technological advancements that have emerged since the late 19th century.

A ‘cold economy’ could bring environmental benefits

Wednesday - The ability to keep things cold is a pillar of modern society – demand is booming worldwide to deliver air conditioning, data centre cooling and transport refrigeration, particularly in emerging...

Communities retreat as oceans swell and coasts erode

Wednesday - Erosion, rising seas, ferocious storms and other coastal perils have prompted the resettlement of more than one million people worldwide.

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