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German carmakers nervous on eve of court's diesel ban ruling

Wednesday - A court will decide tomorrow whether German cities can ban heavily polluting cars, potentially wiping hundreds of millions of euros off the value of diesel cars on the country’s roads.

New apartment block will look like a forest

Tuesday - Apartments to be built in the Dutch city of Eindhoven will be a 75m high skyscraper, which will include space for 125 trees, and 5200 plants.

Cow dung overload brings call for cut in dairy herd numbers

Monday - Dairy farms in the Netherlands are producing so much dung they can’t get rid of it safely. Now the WWF is calling for a 40 per cent cut in herd numbers.

Nordic nations usher in new era of green finance

Monday - New research has highlighted how the Nordic countries are leading by example in the green finance market.

Germany takes close look at free public transport

16 Feb 18 - Germany is thinking of making public transport free as it scrambles to meet EU air pollution targets and avoid big fines.

Germany’s energy and climate policy is taking shape

15 Feb 18 - The coalition agreement between the German Conservatives and the Social Democrats outlines a relatively ambitious energy policy.

Paris might take fuel companies to court

13 Feb 18 - Paris could become the first city in Europe to try to defray the cost of climate change by taking fossil fuel companies to court.

EU to define what exactly is green investment

8 Feb 18 - The European Commission will present legislation in May to define what represents "green" investment.

Europe’s biggest fossil fuel project gets public loan

8 Feb 18 - The European Investment Bank has approved a loan to the Southern Gas Corridor, in a move environmentalists described as a “historical mistake”.

EU says no trade deals with countries not in Paris pact

7 Feb 18 - The EU has backed French calls to make trade deals with the world’s second-biggest economy contingent on membership of the Paris climate agreement.

New index will track EU sustainable investment

2 Feb 18 - A sustainability index has been launched to track the performance of environmentally and socially responsible European companies.

EU renewables overtake coal for first time

1 Feb 18 - Renewable technologies - wind, solar and biomass - have beaten coal generation for the first time in the EU.

France to close coal plants two years early

31 Jan 18 - French President Emmanuel Macron has announced that all the country’s coal-fired plants will shut down by 2021- two years earlier than initially planned.

Gas field earthquakes put firms on notice

26 Jan 18 - Two hundred of the Netherlands’ biggest companies have been told by their government to stop sourcing fuel from a major Dutch gas field within four years following a series of increasingly...

German emissions rise for second year in a row

26 Jan 18 - An increase in transport sector emissions drove up Germany’s total greenhouse gas emissions for the second time in a row in 2016.

The climate solution no-one in Davos will be talking about

25 Jan 18 - Economists say a global carbon tax would efficiently shift the world to safer energy production. So why is it barely mentioned?

Poland’s new leader eyes nuclear future

15 Dec 17 - Poland is in no hurry to ditch coal power any time soon but the new prime minister insists nuclear energy and renewable sources are a part of the country’s future energy mix.

Germany the champion nation for recycling

14 Dec 17 - Germany is the leading nation for recycling, followed closely by Wales and Singapore, according to new research.

... and France is best at food sustainability

14 Dec 17 - A war on waste food in France has helped it secure the top spot in a ranking of countries by their food sustainability.

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