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Carbon markets back in vogue at Bonn

Friday - Carbon markets have become a vital piece of common ground for defenders of the climate. The tool is gradually extending around the world, bringing with it higher revenues.

Indigenous groups win greater climate recognition

Friday - Indigenous groups claimed a victory at the Bonn climate talks in Bonn as governments acknowledged for the first time that they can play a leadership role in protecting forests and keeping global temperatures at a safe level.

Farming organically could cut gas emissions

Friday - Converting land from conventional agriculture to organic production could reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the run-off of excess nitrogen from fertilisers, and cut pesticide use.

Wildfires are making Americans sick

Friday - As climate change fuels large wildfires, the pollution they're releasing is making Americans sick and undermining decades of progress in cleaning the air.

We're prisoners of the old way, says solar flight pioneer

Friday - The visionary innovator who flew 40,000km in a solar-fuelled plane has urged companies to pursue revolutionary ideas as the only way to fight climate change.

The allure (and perils) of hydropower

Friday - Damming rivers may seem like a clean and easy solution for energy-hungry countries. But the devil is in the details.

MERKEL MESSAGE: Climate change decides our destiny

Thursday - “Climate change is an issue determining our destiny as mankind – it will determine the wellbeing of all of us,” the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has told the world’s nations gathered at the Bonn climate summit.

Activists sue Norway over Arctic exploration plan

Thursday - The Norwegian government is being sued by climate activists over a decision to open up areas of the Arctic Ocean for oil exploration.

It's high time for a global agreement on minerals

Thursday - The Paris Agreement has created a global framework for managing carbon, but nothing similar exists for minerals.

Global insurance plan aims to defuse bombshell

Thursday - A scheme unveiled at the Bonn climate summit aims to help to protect 400 million poor people from extreme weather by 2020 - but not everyone is convinced.

Brazil’s recession grows as emissions rise

Thursday - Brazil’s recession has earned it an unhappy distinction: it is the only major country in the world where damage to the climate is growing while people are becoming poorer.

CHOPPER STOPPER: Too much smog for the smog-fighters

Thursday - An ambitious plan to use helicopters to fight Delhi’s air pollution has been grounded because the aircraft cannot operate in the thick smog.

HOT SPOTS: Ice cameras reveal Antarctica’s warm underbelly

Thursday - A new map of the warmth coming up from rocks beneath the Antarctic provides key data for scientists to model how the ice sheet could react to climate change.

Bonn protesters savage Trump's coal push

Wednesday - The Trump team was heckled and interrupted by a protest song at the UN’s climate change summit in Bonn after using its only official appearance to say fossil fuels were vital to reducing poverty...

Medibank drops millions worth fossil-fuel investments

Wednesday - Australia’s largest private health insurer, Medibank, will shed tens of millions of dollars in fossil-fuel investments because of the effects of climate change on human health.

Climate change is destroying the wonders of the world

Wednesday - From the Everglades in the US to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, climate change is destroying the many of the greatest wonders of the natural world.

Cities could save billions while saving the planet

Wednesday - Climate change action at the local level has the potential to save as much as £7 billion each year across the 50 largest cities in the UK.

GATESVILLE: Bill buys big bit of Arizona to build a smart city

Wednesday - Bill Gates is buying 25,000 acres near Phoenix, Arizona, on which to build a high-tech smart city named Belmont.

What would happen if all Americans went vegan?

Wednesday - To produce four US hamburger patties takes 25 kilogrammes of animal feed, 25 square metres of land, and about 220 litres of water.

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