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Paris Agreement

Trump names May for decision on Paris pact

3 Apr 17 - President Donald Trump is planning to decide by late May on whether the US should stay in the Paris climate change agreement.

Only three EU states on track to meet Paris goals

31 Mar 17 - Only three European countries are on course to achieve the Paris Agreement targets, according to research which ranks the UK in fifth position on its progress towards the landmark climate treaty.

Antarctic sea ice sets record low temperature

6 Mar 17 - A new record warm temperature for Antarctica has been confirmed by the World Meteorological Organisation as sea ice surrounding the continent has shrunk to a record low.

Eye in the sky will spy on carbon cuts

2 Mar 17 - The world needs a way to verify that nations have made their promised carbon cuts in order to make the Paris agreement effective. And a sophisticated new satellite might be the answer.

Duterte signs Paris climate agreement

2 Mar 17 - Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has signed the Paris Agreement on Climate Change putting the deal one step closer to ratification in the country.

Paris deal needs US, warns White House

30 Nov 16 - The world will not achieve its climate goals without an active US administration leading on greenhouse gas cuts, the White House has warned.

As envoys bicker, itís time to focus on real climate action

29 Nov 16 - Countries have two years of arguing over the fine-print of the Paris climate deal ahead of them: itís time to focus on whatís happening in the real world.

Paris goals at risk from new coal schemes

11 Oct 16 - Slowing down construction of coal-fired power stations will be vital to hit globally agreed climate change goals, says World Bank president Jim Yong Kim.

Climate treaty races toward hazy future

7 Oct 16 - With a speed almost unknown in the annals of diplomacy, the Paris Agreement on climate change is ready to come into force a bare 11 months after it was reached on December 12 last year.

Australia lags as Paris deal swings into action

Malcolm Turnbull

7 Oct 16 - Australia is not alone in having not yet ratified the Paris Agreement. When all the EU member states have formally joined it will leave Chile, Israel, Japan, Turkey and Australia as the only OECD...

Paris Agreement a turning point, says Obama

Barack Obama

7 Oct 16 - US president Barack Obama has said the Paris climate deal could prove a ďturning pointĒ in the effort to avoid dangerous global warming.

Opposition slams Government carbon credits plan

6 Oct 16 - New Zealandís plans to buy its way out of emissions reductions run foul of the United Nationsí Framework Convention on Climate Change, Opposition parties say.

NZ ratifies Paris Agreement

5 Oct 16 - New Zealand has ratified the Paris Agreement and the European Union is about to, pushing the global climate change treaty over the threshold to bring it into force.

India signs but readies for scrap in Marrakech

5 Oct 16 - India might have ratified the Paris Agreement at the weekend but has indicated itís ready for a scrap at the forthcoming UN climate talks in Marrakech. | Read more

Canada will tax carbon emissions to meet Paris targets

Justin Trudeau

5 Oct 16 - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada will impose a tax on carbon emissions starting in 2018 as part of its efforts to meet targets set by the Paris climate change accord.

EU (and others) will ratify Paris deal this week

3 Oct 16 - EU ministers this week are expected to ratify the Paris Agreement, along with India and Cananda, meaning enough countries will have signed up for the deal to come into legal force.

Russia in the slow lane on road to Paris

29 Sep 16 - Whatís holding Russia back from ratifying the Paris climate agreement?

Poland threatens EU plan to ratify pact

29 Sep 16 - Poland has demanded the EU protect its plans to build new coal-fired power plants if it wants fast-track its ratification of the Paris climate agreement.

IPCC chair: We can meet 2deg target if we act fast

Hoesung Lee

28 Sep 16 - INTERVIEW: Hoesung Lee was elected chair of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change just one month before the landmark Paris climate talks of 2015.

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