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Cities advance climate policies without saying so

12 Jun 18 - Leadership in addressing climate change in the United States has shifted away from the national capital Washington.

One Koch brother is calling it quits

8 Jun 18 - Billionaire industrialist David H. Koch is stepping away from his political and business interests because of declining health.

Hawaii signs to become carbon neutral by 2045

7 Jun 18 - Hawaii has set the most ambitious climate goal in the US by signing a bill to become carbon neutral by 2045.

Trump orders action to save power plants

6 Jun 18 - President Trump has ordered his energy secretary to take immediate action to stem US power plant closures, arguing that a decline in coal and nuclear electricity is putting the nation’s security at risk.

California strikes e-vehicle gold

6 Jun 18 - California has been given the go-ahead to expand electric vehicle infrastructure and rebate programmes with a total budget of more than $750 million.

Big US banks resume lending to coal companies

30 May 18 - An environmental group’s analysis shows the five largest United States banks have started lending to coal companies again now that they’re out of bankruptcy.

Changing climate might be killing off bees

28 May 18 - Beekeepers in the US have reported an increase in honeybee deaths over the past year, possibly the result of erratic weather patterns brought on by a changing climate.

EPA ‘secret science’ proposal alarms health experts

25 May 18 - The EPA this month could finalise a controversial rule to limit what scientific research the agency can use in writing US environmental regulations.

Proud Norfolk wants to remake itself as seas rise

23 May 18 - US Navy town Norfolk sees itself as a living lab for coastal resilience, one in desperate need of solutions as flooding worsens. Not every neighborhood will be saved.

New York wants to end coal-fired power

23 May 18 - New York State has proposed telling coal plants to change the way they operate, or close down.

Oil-rich Alaska plans to tackle climate change

21 May 18 - Alaska, a major oil and gas producer, is crafting a plan to address climate change.

The world according to GOP ...

Mo Brooks

21 May 18 - The Earth is not warming. The White Cliffs of Dover are tumbling into the sea and causing sea levels to rise. Global warming is helping grow the Antarctic ice sheet. Those are some of the skeptical...

Investors urge oil firms to shun Trump's Arctic plan

16 May 18 - Investors managing more than $2.5 trillion have warned oil firms and banks to shun moves by US president Donald Trump to open an Arctic national wildlife refuge to drilling.

California turns farms into carbon-sucking factories

15 May 18 - In a grand experiment, California switched on a fleet of high-tech greenhouse gas removal machines last month.

California faces long road to reach e-car target

11 May 18 - California continues to lead the US in electric car sales but it faces a long, hard road before it can achieve its goal of getting five million emissions-free vehicles on the road in 12 years.

Why you can’t have free trade and save the planet

9 May 18 - Donald Trump is simultaneously chided for refusing to cut greenhouse gas emissions, and for promoting a trade policy that reduces the causes of such emissions.

E-waste innovator is going to prison

4 May 18 - A Southern California man who built a sizable business out of recycling electronic waste is headed to federal prison for 15 months.

DIVIDED COUNTRY: Border gets the creeps

1 May 18 - The stark climatic border in the US separating the sultry east from the dry west is rapidly shifting - a change that could have a significant future impact.

Hands up those companies making an effort

26 Apr 18 - An analysis of more than 600 top US companies has found that those seeing the effects of global warming first-hand are taking the most concrete actions.

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