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Our oceans head into another heatwave

Today 10:00am - Marine heatwave conditions are already occurring in parts of the Tasman Sea and the ocean around New Zealand and looking to become the new normal.

In a warming world, bigger waves pack a stronger punch

Today 10:00am - Ocean waves are now hitting harder than ever. As the world warms, they gain in energy, impact and height.

Our oceans broke heat records in 2018

Wednesday - Rising temperatures can be charted back to the late 1950s, and the past five years were the five hottest on record.

Mishap forces Pacific garbage patch swimmer to give up

28 Nov 18 - A plastics-pollution campaigner has given up his attempt to swim across the Pacific - a trip that was to take him through 1600km of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Oceans could be facing mass extinctions

22 Nov 18 - The world’s oceans have lost more than 2 per cent of their dissolved oxygen reservoir over the past five decades.

Plastics pollution on our beaches is becoming a pain

6 Nov 18 - Plastic rubbish on New Zealand beaches is not only hurting wildlife, it’s hurting us, too.

Ocean-sweeper targets plastic waste in Caribbean

29 Oct 18 - SodaStream has announced the launch of its massive ocean-sweeper, a contraption designed to dismantle plastic waste patches in marine waters.

Ocean warming hits highest recorded level

25 Oct 18 - Ocean heat content set a record in the first half of 2018, with more warmth in the oceans than at any time since records began in 1940.

Campaign aims to name plastic polluters

19 Sep 18 - A global call has gone out to combat plastic pollution with plans to name and shame the most pervasive polluting companies.

Fish populations could rise in warming climate

3 Sep 18 - Better management of fisheries and fishing rights around the world could increase profits and leave more fish in the sea as long as measures to meet climate obligations are taken, new research has...

How a warming planet could speed up the southern seas

30 Aug 18 - As the planet warmed at the end of the last ice age, the abyssal Pacific circulation kicked into high gear.

Life in our oceans is in deep crisis

8 Aug 18 - Wildlife in most of the lawless high seas faces an existential threat from fishing, shipping and the military. Next month, a landmark UN conference could finally bring hope.

Sailors launch fund to help the oceans

4 Jul 18 - World Sailing, the governing body for the sport, has launched a trust to support sustainable development in the oceans.

Marine heatwaves getting hotter and more damaging

11 Jun 18 - Climate change is warming ocean waters and causing shifts in the distribution and abundance of seaweeds, corals, fish and other marine species.

Scum of the sea is a no-see

31 May 18 - An invisible layer of scum on the sea surface can reduce carbon dioxide exchange between the atmosphere and the oceans by up to 50 per cent, scientists have discovered.

Kelp forests under threat from acid seas

22 May 18 - The kelp forests – those towering submarine tangles of brown seaweeds – might not survive the steady change of ocean chemistry.

Middle of nowhere ... yet it’s still awash with microplastics

21 May 18 - Point Nemo in the Pacific is so far flung that the nearest humans are often those aboard the International Space Station. But even that hasn’t saved it from the scourge of microplastics.

Ocean dead zones can be bought back to life

9 May 18 - The world has more than 400 dead zones in oceans and lakes where water contains so little oxygen that aquatic life can’t survive.

Early action has big effect on rising sea levels

16 Apr 18 - Acting early to lower greenhouse gas emissions can slow the rise in sea levels, say scientists in two new studies.

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