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Trump scraps Obama's lightbulb rule

9 Sep 19 - The Trump administration has finalised its rollback of an Obama-era rule that would have required US light bulbs to be more energy efficient.

Trump wants to log Alaska

4 Sep 19 - As Amazon wildfires blaze, the world’s largest intact temperate rainforest, in Alaska, faces a wholly different threat: corporate exploitation.

HELLISH LAS VEGAS: 'A place where we never go outside'

4 Sep 19 - In Las Vegas, a laissez-faire attitude toward growth has allowed high temperatures to become more deadly and the scorching heat now threatens the city’s basic functionality.

Trump tries again to roll back methane rules

2 Sep 19 - The Trump administration has proposed eliminating US federal requirements that oil and gas companies control leaks of methane from new wells, storage facilities and pipelines.

CNN to run seven-hour climate crisis debate

29 Aug 19 - CNN will host a live seven-hour "climate crisis town hall meeting" next week with 10 Democratic primary candidates.

US Navy scuttles Obama climate task force

28 Aug 19 - The US Navy has quietly shuttered a task force created under former President Barack Obama to prepare the military branch for the impact of global warming.

Trump skips G7 talks on climate crisis

27 Aug 19 - Donald Trump did not attend yesterday's crucial discussion on climate and biodiversity at the G7 meeting in Biarritz, missing talks on how to deal with the Amazon rainforest fires as well as new ways to cut carbon emissions.

Sanders unveils $16 trillion Green New Deal

23 Aug 19 - Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has unveiled a $16.3 trillion plan for a Green New Deal, giving shape to a massive programme to overhaul the nation's economy and eliminate fossil...

Clean-energy jobs lead the way in California

22 Aug 19 - Clean energy jobs in California now outnumber jobs in the fossil fuel industry five to one, a new study has found.

Scientists get a rough ride in Trump's America

22 Aug 19 - When the news is bad, punish the messenger, as in today’s United States it’s increasingly the case that politics tops science.

Green groups challenge US ban on scientists

19 Aug 19 - US Environmental groups have appealed a court decision in their attempt to end the Environmental Protection Agency’s policy of excluding certain scientists from serving on its advisory boards.

Biden vows net-zero farming emissions

23 Jul 19 - Joe Biden, frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for US president, has one of the more ambitious rural climate-related goals ... but could his plan actually achieve net-zero emissions?

US on path to extreme heat, warn scientists

22 Jul 19 - Widespread increases in extreme heat due to climate change could bring unprecedented risks to the US in coming decades, a new study has warned.

Alaska swelters in record temperatures

11 Jul 19 - Alaska, part of which lies inside the Arctic Circle, is sweltering under a heatwave, with record temperatures recorded.

US mayors pressure Congress on carbon pricing,

4 Jul 19 - The mayors of hundreds of US cities have called on Congress to pass legislation to put a price on carbon emissions.

Behind the Oregon walkout lies a sordid story

3 Jul 19 - For a brief moment, the standoff in Oregon over climate change legislation seemed like an amusing bit of Wild West political theatre.

US makes renewable energy breakthrough

28 Jun 19 - The US in April generated more electricity from renewable sources than coal for the first time,, new federal government data has shown.

Your coverage unacceptable, climate protesters tell media

26 Jun 19 - More than 70 protesters have been arrested outside the New York Times building as they called for more effective media coverage of the dangers of climate change.

Trump buries studies showing dangers to food supply

25 Jun 19 - The Trump administration has stopped promoting US government-funded research into how higher temperatures can damage crops and pose health risks.

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