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Paris aside, all will be revealed in the ETS review

25 Jan 16 - Is the Paris Agreement a cause for celebration? Carbon Market Solutions director WAYNE KING takes a look:

Market liquid and steady, but slow

11 Feb 15 - Carbon continues to move sideways, holding around the $6 mark. OMFinancial reports:

Our ETS is working ... but is it effective?

4 Apr 14 - IS THE Emissions Trading Scheme working and will it be more effective after the forthcoming election?

Turmoil across the Tasman will be felt here

21 Feb 14 - By WAYNE KING. Australia’s media is drip-feeding news and commentary on the economic downturn in Australia - particularly in energy developments, the political turmoil revolving around the current Renewable Energy Target and the current policies related to a price on carbon, through the Carbon Price Mechanism and other initiatives.

Market poised to move higher?

18 Feb 14 - A day of consolidation yesterday, as Spot NZUs fixed at $3.37 on CommTrade. OMFinancial reports:

What was going on at the Warsaw climate conference

29 Nov 13 - The Warsaw climate change conference opened as super typhoon Haiyan, the strongest storm to ever make landfall, ravaged the Philippines.

Why it's important that we do our bit

15 Nov 13 - With COP19 under way in Warsaw, CARBON MARKET SOLUTIONS looks at the background to international climate change agreements:

Islands have three-pronged approach to climate change

25 Oct 13 - Carbon Market Solutions chief WAYNE KING continues his analysis of ways in which climate change is being addressed in the Pacific:

What is NZ doing to help Pacific?

4 Oct 13 - CARBON MARKET SOLUTIONS continues its look at what New Zealand is doing to help its Pacific island neighbours adapt to climate change:

Are we doing our bit? It seems not

20 Sep 13 - Our previous opinion piece considered the increasing impacts of climate change on small island countries, such as our Pacific neighbours, but which also apply to other small island countries such as...

Why the Pacific problem will not go away

30 Aug 13 - While we here in New Zealand are worried about our pay checks and the next iphone due to emerge shortly, some thought needs to go out to our Pacific neighbours, says Carbon Market Solutions.

Australia draws the battle lines

16 Aug 13 - There’s a carbon battle going on over the Tasman in the lead-up to that country’s general election.

Is there something we haven't been told?

14 Jun 13 - Carbon Market Solutions asks as to consider a situation now confronting many forest owners who opted into the Emissions Trading Scheme:

Buy shares … and turn the heater off

17 May 13 - When Labour and the Greens presented their energy policy aimed at restraining the ever- increasing electricity price, they were derided by all and sundry, including the Prime Minister, says Carbon...

Renewable energy can be a reality in Pacific

5 Apr 13 - Just over a week ago the Pacific Energy Summit was held in Auckland attended by a large number of energy stakeholders including Pacific Islands government delegations headed by leaders, as well as...

Carry-over of Kyoto units not what’s wanted

22 Mar 13 - The first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol ended on December 31.

Meet the ETS winners ... and losers

1 Mar 13 - Depressed, depressed, and depressed sounds like a state of mind, and for some it could well be, but indications are that the erosion of the Emission Trading Scheme as a cost effective mechanism for...

We've become small-scale and stand-alone

8 Feb 13 - A mere 12-to-24 months ago, many in the carbon business in New Zealand believed the chances of synergising the New Zealand carbon markets with other markets, such as the emerging Australian carbon...

Dull year behind us, flat year ahead

18 Jan 13 - The past 12 months have seen little domestic activity in terms of NZU purchasing to meet obligations under the ETS.

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