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Scientist made global warming a household term

Today 11:00am - The scientist who made “global warming” a household term as he fought to popularise the view that greenhouse gases could lead to a dramatic climate change has died aged 87.

TISSUE ISSUE: Are our ancient forests paying a heavy price?

Today 11:00am - The world’s largest tissue-paper companies are being accused of exacerbating climate change and destroying ancient forests to make toilet rolls.

Our biggest animals are being hunted to extinction

Wednesday - The world’s biggest animals – the largest birds, the bigger mammals and even reptiles, sharks and amphibians – are in increasing danger of extinction.

Sharp rise in methane threatens climate targets

Monday - Dramatic rises in atmospheric methane are threatening to derail plans to hold global temperature rises to 2deg, scientists have warned.

Climate-disasters bill $650b over three years

Monday - Climate-related disasters have cost the world $650 billion over the past three years, according to a new report.

Young protesters ask: If not us, who?

15 Feb 19 - As a movement grows across the world, young people say they want politicians to protect their interests.

World is halfway through its hottest decade

14 Feb 19 - Here is a climate forecast that climate scientists, meteorologists, politicians, voters and even climate sceptics can check: the next five years will be warm, and will probably help to complete the hottest decade ever.

Buy organic to help insects, say scientists

14 Feb 19 - Buying organic food is among the actions people can take to curb the global decline in insects, according to leading scientists.

BAMBOO BOOM: There's a bold new look in building materials

14 Feb 19 - The market for environmentally sound building materials is changing. If you think bamboo can just be used to grow beans up in your garden, think again.

China and India lead greening of landscape

13 Feb 19 - China and India are leading the world in greening the landscape, a study finds, with the two countries accounting for one-third of the new forests, croplands and other types of vegetation observed...

How emissions reporting is set to change

13 Feb 19 - A new project hopes to show how emissions reporting should be done, but building trust looks set to play a huge part in overcoming the challenge.

Plummeting insect numbers threaten collapse of nature

12 Feb 19 - The world’s insects are hurtling down the path to extinction, threatening a “catastrophic collapse of nature’s ecosystems”, according to the first global scientific review.

Electronic devices trigger surge in e-waste

12 Feb 19 - E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world and a global reboot in the way humans produce and use electronic devices is urgently needed, says a new UN study.

To keep humans safe, let nature shape the coast

11 Feb 19 - The knee-jerk reaction to sea-level rise has traditionally been to maintain the shoreline’s position at all cost, by building new flood defence structures or upgrading old ones.

Street artists are joining the fight to save the environment

11 Feb 19 - In these times of rising activism on climate change and other environmental threats, a new band of campaigners has joined the fight: street artists.

Past five years hottest run on record

7 Feb 19 - Global temperatures in 2018 were the fourth-warmest on record, US scientists have confirmed, adding to a stretch of five years that are now collectively the hottest period since modern measurements...

Cruising boom builds concern over emissions dodging

5 Feb 19 - A boom in cruise liner holidays is raising concerns over the widespread use of “emissions dodging” by global shipping to meet tough new dirty fuel rules next year.

European colonisation of America killed so many it cooled the Earth's climate

4 Feb 19 - European colonisation of the Americas resulted in the killing of so many native people that it transformed the environment and caused the Earth’s climate to cool, new research finds.

Investors urge fast-food chains to cut emissions

30 Jan 19 - A coalition of more than 80 global investors has urged McDonald’s, KFC and Burger King to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their supply chains and has criticised the animal agriculture industry for...

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