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TOMATO SOURCE: Hothouses will grow up to 20 tonnes a day

Thursday - Giant greenhouses will be used to grow up to 20 tonnes of tomatoes a day using the heat from water treatment facilities in the UK.

Universities sign landmark deal to buy renewable

8 Oct 19 - Twenty of the UK’s leading universities have struck a £50m deal to buy renewable energy directly from British windfarms for the first time.

Scotland takes aim at green red tape

4 Oct 19 - Developments that tackle climate change could avoid having to get planning permission, under proposals being considered by the Scottish government.

TURNING OF THE SCREW: Royal Shakespeare Company cuts BP

4 Oct 19 - The Royal Shakespeare Company is to end its sponsorship deal with BP amid growing opposition to fossil fuel sponsorship of cultural institutions.

UK to deploy special climate protest police

3 Oct 19 - British police will deploy specially trained climate protest officers to London this weekend to help to deal with two weeks of protests planned by Extinction Rebellion.

How Britain ended its coal addiction

2 Oct 19 - The UK was once the world’s largest coal consumer, but the highly polluting fossil fuel has been pushed out by renewable energy and natural gas.

UK to give £1bn aid for climate fight

24 Sep 19 - Up to £1bn of UK aid funding will be spent on helping developing countries fight climate change.

Lower voting age would give young a climate voice

20 Sep 19 - The voting age should be lowered to 16 because today’s young people are the ones that face a “toxic inheritance” of environmental crises, a leading think tank has said.

No need to cut back on beef, say UK farmers

13 Sep 19 - Farming can become climate neutral by 2040 without cutting beef production or converting substantial areas of farmland into forest, according to UK farmers.

Scottish group calls for ban on fossil-fueled cars

28 Aug 19 - A coalition of climate campaigners and business groups have called for a ban on all petrol and diesel vehicles in Scottish cities as part of a multibillion-pound strategy to cut carbon emissions.

Boris Johnson’s partner pressures politicians

Carrie Symonds

19 Aug 19 - Boris Johnson’s partner Carrie Symonds said politicians had a “gigantic responsibility to make the right decisions” over the climate crisis, in her first solo public appearance since moving into...

Whatever feeds these young minds, it won't be beefburgers

14 Aug 19 - A university has banned the sale of beef in campus food outlets in order to help to tackle the climate emergency.

Boris has plans for UK nuclear power tax

31 Jul 19 - All electricity consumers in Britain will pay a new UK nuclear tax, a levy on their bills to finance the construction of nuclear power plants under a scheme announced by the government.

What Boris Johnson thinks about climate crisis

25 Jul 19 - Here's what new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said and done about climate change.

Offshore auctions will bring Queen a windfall of millions

19 Jul 19 - The Queen stands to make hundreds of millions of dollars from the world’s biggest offshore windpower auction in a decade.

UK puts zero emissions rules on ships

15 Jul 19 - The UK government says all new ships ordered from 2025 and aimed for its waters must be equipped with zero emission technology as part of a plan to cut maritime pollution.

UK climate planning ‘like Dad’s Army’

12 Jul 19 - The UK government’s own advisers have declared themselves shocked that the Britain has no proper plans for protecting people from heatwaves, flash flooding and other impacts of the climate crisis.

Energy giants to cut thousands of petrol and diesel vans

10 Jul 19 - Two of the UK's biggest energy suppliers have pledged to replace thousands of their existing fleet of vans with all-electric models by 2030.

MAKING A CRUST: Chainstore puts new life into dead bread

8 Jul 19 - Britain’s largest supermarket chain is launching a drive to reduce food waste from bread by turning unsold bread into new products.

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