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E-car demand fuels rise in Congo child labour

7 Nov 18 - Demand for electric vehicles is fuelling a rise in child labour in cobalt mines in the Democratic Republic of Congo, experts said this week, urging companies to take action as the industry expands.

Dreaded tsetse flies wilt in Africa’s growing heat

5 Nov 18 - Global warming might have done one good thing for the Zambezi Valley: it may have done for the tsetse flies, with conditions soon too hot for them to breed there any longer.

New tree named ... in time for its headstone

18 Sep 18 - A tree species discovered in Cameroon nearly 70 years ago has been named -just in time to etch that name on its headstone.

Rich countries pushing dirty energy in Africa

25 Jul 18 - WEALTHY governments have been accused of promoting fossil fuel development in Africa at the expense of clean energy.

South Africa sets draft climate laws

19 Jun 18 - South Africa will set carbon targets for each sector of the economy every five years, under a draft climate law out for public consultation.

Giant baobabs die suddenly after thousands of years

14 Jun 18 - Climate change is the suspect in the abrupt deaths in the past decade of some of Africa’s 2500-year-old baobab trees.

DRASTIC PLASTIC: Kenya grounds the flying toilet

27 Apr 18 - KENYA'S tough plastics laws appear to be working. Waterways are clearer, the food chain is less contaminated – and there are fewer “flying toilets”.

Six rangers die in gorilla sanctuary ambush

12 Apr 18 - Six rangers have been ambushed and killed in a Democratic Republic of the Congo park that is home to silverback gorillas.

How Cape Town did what California couldn't do

4 Apr 18 - A six-car police convoy skidded to a halt outside a Cape Town house where a trickle of hose water splashed on to a flower.

MONSTER ON THE MOVE: The Sahara desert is getting bigger

3 Apr 18 - The Sahara dessert is getting bigger, turning green vegetation dry and soil once used for farming into barren ground in areas that can least afford to lose it.

UN forest project doing more harm than good

16 Mar 18 - The harm a UN forest project in Africa is doing to local people is greater than the good it is managing to achieve for them, researchers say.

Illegal cocoa farming destroys African forests

24 Jan 18 - Côte d’Ivoire’s brown gold has gradually destroyed the country’s national parks and protected forests.

Victory for forests as nations vow to stop death by chocolate

10 Nov 17 - Ghana and the Ivory Coast are formulating plans to immediately put a stop to all new deforestation after an investigation found that the cocoa industry was destroying their rainforests.

Morocco to invest millions in solar projects

4 Oct 17 - Morocco is getting ready to launch a €200 million ($NZ326m) programme to spark investment in solar power projects in the agricultural sector by 2021.

Chocolate industry drives rainforest disaster in Africa

15 Sep 17 - The world’s chocolate industry is driving deforestation on a devastating scale in West Africa.

Kenya gets tough on plastic bags: four years or $40,000

29 Aug 17 - Kenyans producing, selling or even using plastic bags will risk imprisonment of up to four years or fines of $40,000.

Kenya’s disappearing glaciers spread violence below

3 Aug 17 - Those who rely on Mount Kenya’s glaciers for water have turned against one another as the rivers fed by the mountain dry up.


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