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NZ gets another fail mark on climate action

Thursday - The Government's plan to cut methane emissions by 10 per cent by 2030 is under fire from international scientists.

Shaw will wait and see on emissions targets

Wednesday - New Zealandís net greenhouse gas emissions might not peak until 2035 under current policies, the Government says.

It's your job to care for the world, directors hear

14 Jun 19 - Directors should bear as much personal responsibility for the environmental damage their companies cause as they now do for the health and safety of their workers, the Government has been told.

Fossil fuels ban helping, says energy innovator

Stu Innes

13 Jun 19 - New Zealand's partial ban on new oil and gas exploration is driving the electricity market away from gas and towards renewables, says an energy market innovator.

UK likes our way with international credits

Lord Deben

13 Jun 19 - Britain is following New Zealand's lead in saying it will probably use international carbon markets in its drive to carbon neutrality - despite the advice of its own experts.

Auckland lays out plan to combat climate crisis

12 Jun 19 - Auckland Council has unveiled a plan it says will prepare the city to cope with the impacts of climate change and cut its emissions.

Defence budget puts climate front and centre

12 Jun 19 - New Zealandís defence forces will struggle to deal with climate-related security threats if they donít make climate change a priority, officials say.

Reward farmers for climate work, says Muller

7 Jun 19 - Farmers who plant trees for shelter and to protect waterways and who increase the amount of carbon being stored in their soils should get carbon credits, the National Party says.

Mark issues warning to Asian defence ministers

5 Jun 19 - New Zealandís defence minister is calling on his counterparts across Asia and the Pacific to get serious about climate change.

$100 million Green fund ready to invest

Cecilia Tarrant

30 May 19 - The Governmentís $100 million Green Investment Finance fund says it is about to start investing.

Big emitters get together and make a plan

28 May 19 - New Zealandís trade-exposed industrial emitters Ė who between them are given more than five million free carbon credits a year Ė have produced a plan to help to cut the countryís greenhouse gas...

Bridges predicts cut in money for free credits

28 May 19 - The Government is planning to spend less money on free carbon credits for trade-exposed emitters than it spent this year, the Opposition

Big Oil should set $250 carbon fee, says expert

Professor Susan Krumdieck

27 May 19 - The oil industry is about to be told that voluntarily putting a $250-a-tonne carbon charge on its products will make it profitable and ensure its future in a low-carbon world.

Protesters again take aim at mining industry

Photo Credit: Carbon News

27 May 19 - The mining sector is positioning itself as part of the solution to climate change, as protesters gear up to disrupt the industryís annual gathering this week.

Lawmakers eye climate risk disclosure rules

24 May 19 - Companies in New Zealand could face compulsory climate-risk disclosure through new accounting standards.

NZ plays different carbon game home and away

23 May 19 - The gap between New Zealandís international emissions reduction pledge and what it plans to do at home is big enough to drive an electric bus through.

National MPs chew over zero carbon bill

21 May 19 - National Party MPs are meeting this morning to decide whether they will support the Governmentís zero carbon bill.

Pricing delay carries risks, says ETS expert

Catherine Leining

17 May 19 - The Government is exposing the country to significant risk by delaying changes to the carbon pricing regime, says one of the architects of the Emissions Trading Scheme.

Whatís in store with ETS changes

17 May 19 - The latest round of changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme were announced last night, including tougher penalties for failing to surrender credits, the release of details about emissions levels from...

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