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UK can go low-carbon at no extra cost, say advisers

Monday - The UK can have low-carbon electricity, heat and transport in 2050 at the same cost as today’s high-carbon energy system, according to infrastructure advisers.

Church of England wields divestment axe

Wednesday - The Church of England will divest from all fossil fuel companies which are not taking steps to combat climate change.

London might have found a new job for lost rivers

10 Jul 18 - Campaigners are targeting London’s lost rivers, water courses that have been gradually buried over the centuries, as a source of fossil fuel-free heat.

UK moves on e-car charging in new homes

10 Jul 18 - New homes in suburban England would need to be fitted with electric car charging points under a government proposal to cut emissions.

Energy firm launches ‘vegan electricity tariff’

9 Jul 18 - A UK energy company has launched the world’s first vegan electricity tariff in a bid to highlight the use of animal products within the energy industry.

Diesel car buyers in UK living a 'nightmare'

6 Jul 18 - Ultra-dirty new diesel engines are being sold alongside ultra-clean models in the UK, according to new data, leaving car buyers facing what experts call a nightmare.

Pensioners benefit from wind farm sell-off

5 Jul 18 - Pensioners in the UK are set to financially benefit from a fleet of wind farms.

Bikes the obvious solution to Oxbridge traffic

4 Jul 18 - UK university cities Oxford and Cambridge are seeking ways to transport expanding populations without impacting their historic centres, yet the simplest solution is staring them in the face.

Housing and car industries 'should be ashamed’

2 Jul 18 - The homebuilding and carmaking industries should be ashamed of their efforts to tackle global warming, says the UK government’s official climate change adviser.

London sets up as centre for green finance

27 Jun 18 - The UK has set up a Green Finance Institute with the aim of solidifying London’s role as the go-to destination for this new work.

SUSTAINABLE STYLE: Ten ways to make fashion world greener

27 Jun 18 - Sustainable style is back on the agenda after the UK announced an inquiry into ‘fast’ clothes. This is what a greener clothing future might look like.

Cocaine in rivers means bad trips for eels

26 Jun 18 - Tiny amounts of cocaine flushed into rivers cause eels to become not only hyperactive but to suffer from muscle wastage, impaired gills and hormonal changes, a study has found.

UK orders probe into throwaway fashion industry

25 Jun 18 - Throwaway “fast fashion” in the UK will be investigated amid growing concerns that the multi-billion pound industry is wasting valuable resources and contributing to climate change.

UK pension funds get green light to dump fossil fuels

20 Jun 18 - Managers of the £1.5tn invested in Britain’sworkplace pension schemes are to be given new powers to dump shares in oil, gas and coal companies in favour of long-term investment in green and “social...

City of London commits to 100% renewable

20 Jun 18 - The City of London Corporation has announced plans to source 100 per cent of its electricity from renewables.

McDonald's bows to customer demands over straws

18 Jun 18 - McDonald’s will end the use of plastic straws in its British restaurants next year, after nearly half a million people called on the company to ditch them.

Scotland takes pride in emissions cuts

15 Jun 18 - The Scottish Government says that as of 2016 the country has managed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 49 per cent compared to 1990.

Investor seeks removal of eight company chairs

13 Jun 18 - Britain’s biggest asset manager wants to remove the chairmen of the board at eight companies worldwide, which it says have failed to confront the threats posed by climate change.

Scotland wants to be among first to carbon zero

29 May 18 - New targets will set Scotland on course to become one of the first countries in the world to achieve a 100 per cent reduction in carbon emissions, the government has claimed.

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