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Why the bike is good for moving more than people

Today 10:00am - Better infrastructure for transporting people by bike is great. But cycle freight could free up roads and transform cities and towns, too.

Flight-path changes could cut jets' effect on climate

Monday - Small tweaks to flight paths could reduce the effects that aircraft have on climate by as much as 10 per cent, a new study shows.

CARBON FIBRE: The wonder material with a dirty secret

24 Mar 17 - Carbon fibre is increasingly celebrated as a wonder material for the clean economy.

London taxis go green with electric factory

24 Mar 17 - London’s iconic black cabs are going green with the opening of a £300 million electric vehicle manufacturing plant.

Companies queue to supply Air NZ with biofuels

17 Mar 17 - Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia say they now have a shortlist of companies to supply them with biofuels.

PLANES v POLLUTION: A new-look for Heathrow

17 Mar 17 - Britain and Europe’s largest airport is not the most obvious target for an eco-friendly rebranding. Yet Heathrow Airport recently unveiled a new sustainability strategy.

Biofuels mix could see end of chemtrails in the sky

16 Mar 17 - Mixing biofuels into aviation gas cuts chemtrails, new research shows.

Government offers new money for electric cars

15 Mar 17 - The second round of Government funding for projects to get more electric vehicles on New Zealand’s roads opens today.

SPINNING SAILS: Ancient idea to be given a new airing

15 Mar 17 - An ocean-going tanker is to be fitted with a type of “spinning sail” invented almost a century ago in a step that could lead to more environmentally friendly tankers worldwide.

Science is getting closer to sun-powered cars

13 Mar 17 - Scientists are developing a practical method to convert water and sunshine into fuel — a key step in someday powering cars with the sun.

CRUISE CONTROL: Choppy seas for sustainable ocean travel

10 Mar 17 - Not many of the 25 million people enjoying the sea breeze on a cruise ship this year are likely to think about the air pollutants being emitted from the vessel.

Aviation industry acts to reduce aircraft emissions

7 Mar 17 - The aviation industry is the first sector to introduce a global design standard on emissions.

Auckland welcomes e-cars to special lanes

6 Mar 17 - From today, electric vehicles are allowed in priority lanes on Auckland’s roads – but only for two weeks.

Beijing looks to replace entire taxi fleet with electric vehicles

6 Mar 17 - Beijing officials have hatched plans to replace all of the city's 70,000 gas-powered taxicabs with electric vehicles to try to improve the China capital's notorious pollution issues.

KiwiRail puts $4.5b tag on electrifying network

3 Mar 17 - Electrifying the entire North Island rail network would cost more than $4.5 billion, says KiwiRail.

Tesla's China sales triple to more than $1billion

3 Mar 17 - Tesla’s revenue from China last year tripled to more than $1 billion, indicating better traction in the market Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk has predicted could eventually become the company’s...

Flight to greener aviation fuel has hit turbulence

The Airbus 319 burns 640 gallons of fuel per hour | Nordroden

1 Mar 17 - When it comes to reducing carbon emissions, one of the biggest hurdles is the world’s addiction to flying.

Liquid hydrogen could fuel future air travel

1 Mar 17 - Liquid hydrogen might be the solution to the thorny problem of sustainable air travel.

E-cars make up 37% of Norway vehicle sales

1 Mar 17 - Plug-in electric vehicles made up 37 per cent of Norway’s new-car sales last month.

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