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World Bank branch backs coal megaproject

Friday - The World Bank’s private lending branch is indirectly backing one of the world’s biggest new coal complexes, despite a new green policy.

We need to solve the dry-year problem, says Carr

20 Oct 20 - Electrification of more of the economy to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions will require a resolution to the risk posed by dry years to the hydro-electricity system, says Climate Change Commission chair Dr Rod Carr.

World makes haste too slowly on cutting energy use

19 Oct 20 - The world is dragging its feet on efforts to tackle the climate crisis by reducing its energy use, according to a global watchdog.

IEA outlines how world can reach net-zero emissions by 2050

14 Oct 20 - For the first time, the International Energy Agency has set out what would need to happen this decade to reach net-zero emissions globally by 2050.

Parker pushes back against pumped-hydro critics

12 Oct 20 - Environment and former climate and energy minister David Parker says he is backing investigations into a pumped-hydro scheme because it has the potential to slash the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Lines project first to try covid consent process

9 Oct 20 - A project that could form part of the Government’s pumped-hydro electricity scheme is the first to be considered by an expert panel set up under the Government’s covid-19 fast-tracking consenting process.

Nuclear power hinders fight against climate change

7 Oct 20 - Countries wishing to reduce carbon emissions should invest in renewables, abandoning any plans for nuclear power stations because they can no longer be considered a low-carbon option.

Green hydrogen could be cheap transformative fuel within a decade

6 Oct 20 - Chinese manufacturers have reported making systems to create hydrogen with renewable energy for up to 80 per cent less than official Australian estimates from just two years ago.

Policy could prevent shift to low-emissions tech, says Genesis

1 Oct 20 - The Labour Government’s plan to bring forward its 100 per cent renewable electricity generation target to 2030 is an example of siloed thinking and is likely to be self-defeating, Genesis Energy has...

Labour promises $5 million a year more for just transition

29 Sep 20 - Labour is promising to spend more money on getting the country’s workforce ready for the low-carbon economy.

Exxon uses carbon capture to keep oil flowing

29 Sep 20 - Sprawled across the arid expanse of southwestern Wyoming is one of the world's largest carbon capture plants, a hulking jumble of pipes, compressors and exhaust flues operated by ExxonMobil.

Global oil demand may have passed peak, says BP

15 Sep 20 - BP has called time on the world’s rising demand for fossil fuels after finding that demand for oil may have already reached its peak and faces an unprecedented decades-long decline.

Using rocket science to green transport

15 Sep 20 - French energy company Engie is teaming up with aerospace firm the ArianeGroup to steal a march on its rivals in the hydrogen production business, by drawing on expertise gained through Europe’s space...

How the pandemic lockdown slashed our greenhouse gas emissions

11 Sep 20 - New Zealand’s first covid-19 pandemic lockdown slashed the country’s consumption of oil to the lowest level since 1998, taking emissions of greenhouse gases from fuels to their lowest point in more...

Gas exploration won't be rushed, Beach tells EPA

9 Sep 20 - Any gas discovery by Beach Energy off the North Otago coast next year could require a further two years’ work to plan and prepare an appraisal drilling programme to determine how to develop it, the...

Green hydrogen breakthrough uses sun and water from the air

9 Sep 20 - Researchers have found a way to combine solar PV and water harvested from the air to produce low-cost green hydrogen, and are gearing up to put the zero-emissions fuel to the test in cars on Sydney...

New solar and lighting technologies could trigger an energy revolution

7 Sep 20 - Halide perovskites could revolutionise the energy sector.

Govt report sees frontline job in biocrude for Marsden

Marsden Pt oil refinery
Photo Credit: Carbon News

2 Sep 20 - The Marsden Point oil refinery could be used to catapault New Zealand into the age of making low-carbon crude from forest waste.

Only 10% of power companies putting renewables ahead of fossil-fuels

1 Sep 20 - Only one in 10 of the world’s electric utility companies are prioritising investment in clean renewable energy over growing their capacity of fossil fuel power plants, according to research from the...

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Recognising forestry's highest achievers

5 Oct 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - The New Zealand Institute of Forestry has announced the winners...

Fonterra should be ashamed of causing coal mine expansion, says Cana

29 Sep 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - Bathurst Resource¡¯s planned extension of its Canterbury coal...

Coal activists' target misplaced - Straterra

29 Sep 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - Activists blocking a Canterbury coal mine over a proposed...

Wood fibres report welcomed

2 Sep 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - The Wood Fibre Futures report is a welcome addition to our...

Fuel-cell trucks here next year

1 Sep 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - New Zealand’s Hiringa Energy and United States-based HYZON...

China will have more than 25% of global offshore wind power capacity by 2030

27 Aug 20 - MEDIA RELEASE - GLOBAL DATA: The global offshore wind segment is likely to grow...

Big penalty for environmental pollution

27 Aug 20 - An Auckland Council prosecution has seen a golf resort fined $86,000 for...

Funding welcome for recycling plant upgrades

26 Aug 20 - Local Government New Zealand has today welcomed the stimulus funding to upgrade...

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