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Young protesters ask: If not us, who?

Friday - As a movement grows across the world, young people say they want politicians to protect their interests.

Why Australia won’t meet Paris targets

Friday - There’s no way Australia achieve the targets five years early without major policy changes, which are unlikely under the current government, says a leading climate scientist.

Groundwater impact might take years

Friday - While climate change makes dramatic changes to weather and ecosystems on the surface, the impact on the world’s groundwater is likely to be delayed, representing a challenge for future generations.

How forest managers might pick the brains of clever trees

Friday - The discovery that some trees can “remember” heatwaves could help forest managers to deal with the impacts of climate change.

Savage heat engulfs temperate Tasmania

Friday - Australia has been going through one of its hottest and stormiest summers on record and usually temperate Tasmania, its island state (, has taken a battering.

World is halfway through its hottest decade

Thursday - Here is a climate forecast that climate scientists, meteorologists, politicians, voters and even climate sceptics can check: the next five years will be warm, and will probably help to complete the hottest decade ever.

Buy organic to help insects, say scientists

Thursday - Buying organic food is among the actions people can take to curb the global decline in insects, according to leading scientists.

Race is on to define Green New Deal

Thursday - The decision by US Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) to bring up the Green New Deal for a Senate vote is prompting a rush to define the terms of progressive Democrats' ambitious proposal...

BAMBOO BOOM: There's a bold new look in building materials

Thursday - The market for environmentally sound building materials is changing. If you think bamboo can just be used to grow beans up in your garden, think again.

China and India lead greening of landscape

Wednesday - China and India are leading the world in greening the landscape, a study finds, with the two countries accounting for one-third of the new forests, croplands and other types of vegetation observed...

Sweden puts deadline on fossil-free ships

Wednesday - Sweden’s shipping sector is preparing to end the use of fossil fuels domestically by 2045, in line with national climate goals.

How emissions reporting is set to change

Wednesday - A new project hopes to show how emissions reporting should be done, but building trust looks set to play a huge part in overcoming the challenge.

Islands declare emergency after invasion by hungry polar bears

Wednesday - Russian environmental authorities have deployed a team of specialists to a remote Arctic region to sedate and remove dozens of hungry polar bears that have besieged the people living there.

Ambitious Danish island ends fossil fuel use

Wednesday - A small Danish island ends fossil fuel use by combining ambitious aims with ensuring that local people have a say in cleaner replacements.

Plummeting insect numbers threaten collapse of nature

Tuesday - The world’s insects are hurtling down the path to extinction, threatening a “catastrophic collapse of nature’s ecosystems”, according to the first global scientific review.

Australia could be 100% renewables by 2032

Tuesday - Australia could reach the equivalent of 100 per cent renewables by 2032, if the current rates of installation of wind and solar continue, says a new report.

Electronic devices trigger surge in e-waste

Tuesday - E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the world and a global reboot in the way humans produce and use electronic devices is urgently needed, says a new UN study.

Labs busy finding new ways to power the world

Tuesday - Laboratories can make energy from greenhouse gases, power smartphones with their own radiation, and cut shipping costs naturally. And each could become reality.

OPINION: Stop feeling guilty and think of the future

Tuesday - By MATTHEW ADAMS | The climate disaster future is increasingly becoming the present – and, as the evidence piles up, it is tempting to ask questions about its likely public reception.

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