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Energy producers want mandatory disclosure

Thursday - European energy producers are calling for mandatory disclosure to customers of information about where their electricity comes from.

China will show the way with solar power

Thursday - China will be the first major country in which solar energy gives fossil fuels a run for its money, says Lloyds Register.

Lack of women in energy ‘holding back the fight’

13 Feb 18 - The lack of women in energy companies is holding back the sector’s efforts to tackle climate change, a leading industry watcher has warned.

BP aims to invest more in clean energy

9 Feb 18 - BP has declared it is looking to acquire more green energy firms, as the British oil giant pledged to set carbon targets for its operations.

We'll soon feel the effects of China's market

8 Feb 18 - China’s new carbon market will have a profound impact on electricity companies, says Standard & Poors.

After an oil-soaked past, Saudi wants to let the sunshine in

8 Feb 18 - Oil kingdom Saudi Arabia is trying to tie its future to another natural resource it has in abundance: sunlight.

Sweden setting up first fossil-free steel plant

5 Feb 18 - A new Swedish venture is working to establish a first-of-its-kind pilot steel plant to be fuelled with hydrogen.

One way to save energy is to stay at home

5 Feb 18 - Americans spent nearly eight more days at home in 2012 compared with2003 - with the result that they consumed less energy.

Time to put the kettle on as solar power scheme tees off

30 Jan 18 - Aucklanders buying and selling solar-generated electricity to each other have shared enough power to make five million cups of tea, says peer-to-peer energy company P2 Power.

TAKE FIVE: Renewable energy projects are out to impress

30 Jan 18 - As renewable energy is no longer considered a niche technology, countries and energy companies have embarked on a race to impress the world with majestic clean energy projects of all kinds.

Localised heating warms cities without fossil fuels

25 Jan 18 - Heating homes and offices without adding to the dangers of climate change is a major challenge for many cities, but re-imagined district heating is now offering an answer.

IT'S A GAS: Cook dinner on energy from food you dumped

23 Jan 18 - In an age of worrying climate change and looming fossil energy decline, home-produced biogas is an extremely promising technology whose time has come.

Shell doubles up on green spending and vows change

29 Nov 17 - Shell has doubled its spending on clean power and bowed to shareholder pressure by promising to halve the carbon footprint of the energy it sells by 2050.

Green bonds reach $100 billion milestone

27 Nov 17 - The latest Climate Bonds Initiative analysis shows that green bond issuances in 2017 have reached the significant $100 billion benchmark.

Mexico about to generate world's cheapest solar power

22 Nov 17 - Mexico is on track to generate the world’s cheapest solar power — with prices as low as 1.77c a kilowatt hour.

We're prisoners of the old way, says solar flight pioneer

17 Nov 17 - The visionary innovator who flew 40,000km in a solar-fuelled plane has urged companies to pursue revolutionary ideas as the only way to fight climate change.

The allure (and perils) of hydropower

17 Nov 17 - Damming rivers may seem like a clean and easy solution for energy-hungry countries. But the devil is in the details.

It's high time for a global agreement on minerals

16 Nov 17 - The Paris Agreement has created a global framework for managing carbon, but nothing similar exists for minerals.

Mining giant about to go coal-free

13 Nov 17 - Just five years ago it would have been almost unthinkable that one of the world’s biggest mining companies would not dig any coal. It’s now likely to become a reality.

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