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Gases are changing the atmosphere ... and rapidly

18 Jul 17 - Humanity’s grand experiment in the atmosphere continues, and a new report documents just how far it has gone.

Auckland could face a Japan-like climate

17 Jul 17 - Summer in Auckland could, by the end of the century, be as hot as summer in Yokohama is now, a new report says.

Next design step is bringing the weather indoors

17 Jul 17 - A building’s primary purpose may be to keep the weather out, but most do such an effective job of this that they also inadvertently deprive us of contact with two key requirements for our well-being and effectiveness: nature and change.

ARKS OF THE APOCALYPSE: Science digs in to save our stuff

14 Jul 17 - All around the world, scientists are building repositories of everything from seeds to ice to mammal milk — racing to preserve a natural order that is fast disappearing.

Global database gives more power to scientists

13 Jul 17 - Climate scientists will be able to more accurately study Earth’s temperature changes, thanks to a global database.

Earth's sixth mass extinction event under way

13 Jul 17 - A “biological annihilation” of wildlife in recent decades means a sixth mass extinction in Earth’s history is under way and is more severe than previously feared.

Artificial environments turning the world outside in

12 Jul 17 - When meltwater breached the global seed bank near Svalbard in May, after unusually warm weather, it served as a stark reminder of the need to safeguard humanity’s future in the face of increasing turbulence.

Wildlife faces climate survival and breeding problems

11 Jul 17 - Climate change could cast a dark shadow over the bees of Europe, with global warming posing sex problems for the sea turtles of the Atlantic.

Marine 'rats and cockroaches' thrive in our dying oceans

10 Jul 17 - Beneath the waves, swelling levels of carbon dioxide could be boosting some species to ecological dominance while dooming others.

Hopes of mild climate change dashed by new research

7 Jul 17 - Hopes that the world’s huge carbon emissions might not drive temperatures up to dangerous levels have been dashed by new research.

Climate more sensitive to CO2 than records suggest

7 Jul 17 - One of the key questions about climate change is the strength of the greenhouse effect.

This is how climate change will shift the world's cities

7 Jul 17 - Summers are already warmer than they used to be, and could get dramatically hotter by century’s end - a problem that will be felt most acutely in cities.

Air on board cruise ships could be worse than in polluted cities

4 Jul 17 - Some public areas on cruise ships could be more polluted than the world’s worst-affected cities, a new investigation reveals.

Half-a-degree makes all the difference, say scientists

3 Jul 17 - HALF-A-DEGREE of warming made a big difference to the type of weather Earth experienced in the past, scientists say.

Motu researchers win international praise

30 Jun 17 - New Zealand’s Motu Research has been named one of the 10 best climate policy think-tanks in the world.

Why destroying mangroves would be a mistake

30 Jun 17 - Destroying the world's mangroves could mean an extra seven million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year, scientists say.

Boaty McBoatface has been busy down under

30 Jun 17 - Boaty McBoatface has gathered 'unprecedented data' from its first expedition to Antarctica, scientists say.

Ocean levels on the rise ... and quickly

27 Jun 17 - Seas are rising faster, prompting scientists to warn that coastal adaptation plans should be put in place urgently.

Soil scientists back putting carbon in the ground

23 Jun 17 - Carbon sequestration in soil has the potential to enhance food security and mitigate climate change, says an international team of soil experts.

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