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Doomed by climate – but they still don't get it

Monday - The Louisiana town of Cameron could be the first in the US to be fully submerged by rising sea levels – and yet locals, 90 per cent of whom voted for Trump, still aren’t convinced about climate change.

Trump cans no-sales rule on plastic bottles in parks

Monday - The Trump administration's reversal of ban on the sale of plastic water bottles in national parks shows ‘the corporate agenda is king and people and environment are left behind’, say campaigners

Not burning fossil fuels saves thousands of US lives

Friday - Fossil fuel not burnt because of wind and solar energy helped to avoid between 3000 and 12,700 premature deaths in the US between 2007 and 2015, says a new report.

California eyes massive climate research move

Friday - California scientists are sketching plans for a home-grown climate-research institute - to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

Alaska lists 30 towns at risk from coastal erosion

Thursday - At least 31 Alaskan communities face “imminent” existential threats from coastline erosion, flooding and other consequences of changing temperatures.

Gulf of Mexico dead zone could get worse

16 Aug 17 - Each summer, a large part of the Gulf of Mexico “dies”. This year, the “dead zone” is the largest on record, stretching hundreds of miles from the mouth of the Mississippi, along the coast of Louisiana to waters off Texas.

AL GORE: Trump has failed to knock Paris off course

14 Aug 17 - Donald Trump has failed to knock the Paris climate agreement off course, says former US vice-president Al Gore.

California's climate policies create economic boon

11 Aug 17 - California’s Inland Empire counties can thank the state's climate change programmes forma net benefit of $9.1 billion in direct economic activity and 41,000 jobs from 2010 through to 2016.

Court scuttles rule cutting potent greenhouse gas

11 Aug 17 - A federal appeals court in Washington has ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency has overstepped its authority in regulating HFCs under the Clean Air Act.

Scientists fear Trump will dismiss blunt climate report

10 Aug 17 - The average temperature in the United States has risen rapidly and drastically since 1980, and recent decades have been the warmest of the past 1500 years, according to a sweeping federal climate...

Don't call it climate change, says US federal department

8 Aug 17 - Staff at the US Department of Agriculture have been told to avoid using the term climate change in their work.

Changing climate fuels Arizona’s monstrous monsoons

8 Aug 17 - Summer in Arizona and throughout the US southwest is monsoon season, which means a daily pattern of afternoon thunderstorms, flash floods, dramatic dust clouds and spectacular displays of lightning...

Hawaii wants hydrogen vehicles on road next year

7 Aug 17 - Hawaii has started the construction of its first public fuelling station for hydrogen vehicles, and aims to start selling hydrogen-fuelled cars next year.

Fears rise for future of US climate report

3 Aug 17 - A sweeping US government report on the state of climate-change science is nearing the finish line, but faces one big hurdle - final sign-off by top officials in President Donald Trump’s...

Meat industry gets blame for gulf 'dead zone'

3 Aug 17 - The global meat industry, already implicated in driving global warming and deforestation, has now been blamed for fueling what is expected to be the worst “dead zone” on record in the Gulf of Mexico.

Climate lab sits empty, waiting for its mighty machine

3 Aug 17 - Behind a locked door at a Colorado university, a laboratory sits dark and empty, like a dining room set for a guest who never arrived. In this case, the no-show is a $2 million, 12 tonne machine that...

Carbon-free city being built from scratch

31 Jul 17 - Can a city built from scratch be profitable to developers and enjoyable to residents as it tries to be carbon-free?

US powercos knew of climate threat decades ago

28 Jul 17 - The US electric industry knew as far back as 1968 that burning fossil fuels might cause global warming, but cast doubt on the science of climate change.

Climate science meets a stubborn obstacle: Students

28 Jul 17 - To Gwen Beatty, a junior at the high school in a proud, struggling, Trump-supporting town, the new science teacher’s lessons on climate change seemed explicitly designed to provoke her. So she...

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