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Brazil candidate threatens to quit Paris pact

Thursday - Presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro is threatening to take Brazil out of the Paris Agreement if he wins the October election.

Who will own EV charging stations?

Thursday - The fragmented nature of EV charging infrastructure ownership means that any of a range of players could be taking your money.

This new coal mine in Germany will soon gobble up 20 villages

Thursday - When the Garzweiler open cast coal mine in Germany is finished, 5000 people will have been relocated and 20 villages will have been wiped off the face of the Earth.

Europe facing trillion-euros coastal flooding bill

Thursday - Costs from coastal flooding in Europe could hit almost one trillion euros by 2100, according to researchers.

Rising sea levels threaten Sinatra's old hangout

Thursday - A proposed island to protect a resort that once was the haunt of stars like Frank Sinatra and Marlene Dietrich could be its ruin.

Pension funds could face legal action over risk

Thursday - Some of the UK’s largest pension funds are in danger of legal action over the risks posed by climate change.

Whangarei likes electric vehicles

Thursday - Whangarei, winner of the most electric vehicle friendly town in New Zealand award, has a big advantage over other regions.

HEAT BEAT: It's shaping up as the next big inequality issue

Wednesday - The deadly global heatwave has made it impossible to ignore: in cities worldwide, we are now divided into the cool haves and the hot have-nots

France to set penalties on non-recycled plastic

Wednesday - France plans to introduce a penalty system next year that would increase the costs of consumer goods with packaging made of non-recycled plastic.

Forgotten coal mines harbour methane problem

Wednesday - Unregulated, unnoticed coal mines across the US are leaking a potent greenhouse gas with the same greenhouse effect as 13 million cars.

‘Natural pulses’ figure in Antarctic melting

Wednesday - A 16-year study of ocean conditions in Antarctica suggests that the periodic arrival of warm currents as a result of natural variability is worsening the rate of ice mass loss from key glaciers.

Tax havens hide companies wrecking environment

Tuesday - Money channelled through secretive tax havens has been used to fuel deforestation in the Amazon and illegal fishing around the world, racking up a heavy environmental toll.

EU carbon emissions price hits 10-year high

Tuesday - The amount polluters pay for emitting carbon in the EU has hit a 10-year high, in a blow for coal power station owners and a boost for renewable energy.

A river restored breathes new life into Kuala Lumpur

Tuesday - Ridiculed at first, the project to clean up Kual Lumpur's Klang river is on track to be completed on time and below budget.

What's the story with heatwaves?

Tuesday - This year has seen record-breaking temperatures across the globe. What is at risk in this increased heat?

Giants came in handy for explaining climate damage

Tuesday - Tales of giants helped people to explain the sometimes cataclysmic changes to the environment they saw around them.

Crucial climate fund facing massive challenges

Monday - The future of the UN’s major climate fund hangs in the balance, with a looming cash shortfall and a boardroom locked in conflict.

Chemical recycling takes plastics back to oil

Monday - Some plastics cannot be recycled yet, but turning them back to oil could help to solve the problem.

Brazil hits deforestation cuts ahead of schedule

Monday - Brazil has already hit its 2020 targets for cutting emissions from deforestation, according to the government.

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Whangarei likes electric vehicles

Thursday - Whangarei, winner of the most electric vehicle friendly town in New Zealand...

Mercury mission to convert hearts as well as minds

7 Mar 18 - Mercury has taken a step to inspire New Zealanders to embrace the future of...

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24 Jan 18 - Swedish marine energy developer Minesto is intensifying activities in Taiwan to...

Mercury confirms Tesla battery for grid trial

23 Jan 18 - Tesla has been confirmed as the battery provider for Mercury’s scalable...

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