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Jeffrey Sachs

Australia should be 'exporting sunshine, not coal'

Wednesday - Economist Jeffrey Sachs has criticised successive Australian governments for “defending a 19th or 20th century industry” rather than taking decisive action on climate change, saying Australia should be “exporting sunshine, not coal”.

Australia needs a plan, says chief scientist

Alan Finkel

Tuesday - Australia’s chief scientist Alan Finkel says the question facing the nation’s energy future is not about renewables versus coal but how best to create “a whole-of-economy emissions reduction strategy”.

Reality bites for Australian farmers

Monday - A new study shows that 43 per cent of Ausralian farmers accept climate change poses a risk to their region, compared with just 32 per cent five years ago.

Australia rejects IPCC call to dump coal

10 Oct 18 - The Australian government has rejected the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report’s call to phase out coal power by 2050, claiming renewable energy cannot replace baseload coal power.

Morrison says no more money for climate fund

9 Oct 18 - Prime Minister Scott Morrison has resisted conservatives’ calls to withdraw Australia from the Paris Climate Agreement but ruled out providing more money to the global climate fund.

Labor says Australia can remain energy 'superpower'

5 Oct 18 - Australia is in a position to replace thermal coal exports with the export of renewable energy technologies if the parliament can settle an energy policy and end a decade of policy chaos, Labor frontbencher Pat Conroy says.

Victoria renewables boom opens up jobs

3 Oct 18 - The renewable energy construction boom in Victoria is on track to create more than 6000 annual jobs, according to a new analysis.

Australia’s gas emissions climb again

1 Oct 18 - Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, fuelled by expansion in gas exports and production, according to new figures.


25 Sep 18 - Five years since the Abbott government scrapped the Climate Commission, the environmentalist Tim Flannery says Australia's energy policy remains hostage to lobbyists, political self-interest and “mad...

Investors voice concern at lack of risk disclosure

21 Sep 18 - Investors are calling on Australian businesses to lift their game in the wake of a report showing they are failing to disclosure their carbon exposure to the market.

Australian emissions soar over Paris targets

17 Sep 18 - New studies show Australia is on track to miss its Paris Agreement emissions target by nearly a billion tonnes.

MEMO AUSTRALIA: The Kiwis have a good plan

14 Sep 18 - As Australia prepares for another climate policy reset, it's easy to look to New Zealand and wonder what might have been.

Australia stuck in the slow lane on transport

14 Sep 18 - Australia is stuck in the slow lane on transport pollution as one of the only OECD countries without greenhouse gas emission standards for vehicles, says a new report.

How Australia could be 100% renewable by 2030s

12 Sep 18 - Australia could reach the equivalent of 100 per cent renewables for its electricity needs by the early 2030s by doing nothing more than maintaining the current pace of wind and solar development, a...

Sylvia tackles Australia in her Tesla ... and look what it cost

12 Sep 18 - Sylvia Wilson, a 70-year-old retired farmer, drove around Australia in an electric car. It cost her $150.90.

Morrison says national energy guarantee 'dead'

10 Sep 18 - Australia's new government remains committed to meeting its Paris emissions targets even as it moves to dump climate change moves that led to the demise of the previous leadership.

Australian Greens back Labor and climate action

5 Sep 18 - Australian Greens leader Richard Di Natale will promise to work with a new Labor government to get action on climate change back on track.

Australia rolls out roll-out solar panels

31 Aug 18 - Australia has installed its first solar cells made using a conventional reel-to-reel printer.

Morrison names anti-wind man as energy minister

Angus Taylor

28 Aug 18 - New Prime Minister Scott Morrison has appointed one of Australia's most prominent anti-wind campaigners as energy minister and a former mining industry lawyer as environment minister.

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