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INTERVIEW: New tack for Gore, but message just as powerful

Today 12:00pm - Al Gore's new film An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power is different from his first film – it is much more biographical and focuses on how Gore became the great climate change communicator.

Countries need to start talking negative emissions

Wednesday - Countries need to start negotiating who will take responsibility for removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

New weapon in food waste war is a $170 fridge camera

Tuesday - The world’s first wireless fridge camera goes on sale in the UK next month aimed at helping households to slash food waste by being able to check exactly what they have in their refrigerator at any time.

Humans likely cause of record streak of hottest years

11 Aug 17 - It is “extremely unlikely” 2014, 2015 and 2016 would have been the warmest consecutive years on record without the influence of human-caused climate change, according to a new study.

Monsanto knew about health risks, archives reveal

11 Aug 17 - Monsanto continued to produce and sell toxic industrial chemicals known as PCBs for eight years after learning that they posed hazards to public health and the environment, archives reveal.

Nutrition will suffer as warming affects diet

11 Aug 17 - By 2050, heat waves, floods and other climate change effects won’t be the only worry. There’s also the evidence that warming affects diet.

Greenland (yes, Greenland) battles raging bushfire

9 Aug 17 - A wildfire in western Greenland has burned roughly 3000 acres and promptied hunting and hiking closures in the area.

It’s time to decolonise sewerage systems

4 Aug 17 - Two current global trends are set to make life rather uncomfortable for cities: climate change and the unprecedented rate of urbanisation.

ISIS and changing climate rate as top security threats

4 Aug 17 - People around the world consider climate change to be a top security threat—and in some cases the biggest threat, according to a new survey.

CARBON FOOTPRINT: When is your personal overshoot day?

2 Aug 17 - Today, August 2, is Earth Overshoot Day, the day on which our demands on nature for the year exceed what the planet can generate in a year. But when would Earth Overshoot Day be if everyone lived...

Trade policies can support global climate efforts

2 Aug 17 - Climate change will have a big impact on the global economy as nations seek to adapt to a warmer world and adopt policies to keep global warming below 2deg.

Climate change can shake the lefties tag

2 Aug 17 - A new poll shows the view that climate change is mostly a left-wing concern is prevalent and problematic. It’s time to change the conversation.

Planet has just 5% chance of reaching Paris goal, study says

1 Aug 17 - The planet has only a 5 per cent chance that it will avoid warming by at least 2deg come the end of the century.

Already, 2017 is the second-hottest year on record

1 Aug 17 - Average global surface temperatures so far this year are 0.94°C above the 1950–1980 average, making 2017 the second-hottest first six calendar months on record.

MARINE MYSTERY: Why don't whales get out of the way?

1 Aug 17 - Ships are huge and loud, yet they seem to take whales by surprise.

AL GORE: The rich have subverted all reason

31 Jul 17 - With the sequel to his blockbuster documentary An Inconvenient Truth to be released next month, Al Gore talks about his role at the forefront of the fight against climate change.

To be sure, Ireland's long on words and short on action

28 Jul 17 - There’s no shortage of good intentions in Ireland’s climate plan, but they are too vague to cut emissions significantly.

World watches as 49 million acres of forest disappear

26 Jul 17 - About 49 million acres of forest disappeared worldwide in 2015, mainly in North America and the tropics, putting the year’s global deforestation level at its second-highest point since data gathering...

All hell breaks loose as the tundra thaws in Siberia

26 Jul 17 - A recent heatwave in Siberia’s frozen wastes has resulted in outbreaks of deadly anthrax and a series of violent explosions.

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