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Ten years left to redesign lithium-ion batteries

3 Aug 18 - Research needs to refocus on finding common elements such as iron and silicon as reserves of cobalt and nickel used in electric-vehicle cells dwindle.

Cheap new material could speed battery charging

27 Jul 18 - A newly identified group of materials could accelerate adoption of electric cars and solar energy, as well as helping to recharge your smartphone in minutes.

Clean energy investment passes $138b

12 Jul 18 - Global investment in clean technologies is closely tracking last year and has already hit $138.2 billion, according to new analysis.

Smarter renewables open up new markets

11 Jul 18 - The need to stop global warming in its tracks has spurred the growth of two smarter renewables that are helping to reshape the electricity industry.

GAS GROWTH: The answer lies in feedback loops

10 Jul 18 - Greenhouse gases escaping from wetlands and permafrost could slash the world’s carbon budget by nearly a quarter, scientists say.

Here’s where 3m EV batteries will go when they retire ...

9 Jul 18 - The first batches of batteries from electric and hybrid vehicles are hitting retirement age ... yet they aren’t bound for landfills.

LUNAR LAW: Does Moon hold key to Earth’s energy needs?

6 Jul 18 - Using giant kites, blades and paddles, and mimicking pogo sticks, blowholes and even the human heart, groups around the world are on the cusp of harnessing the colossal power of the oceans.

Meridian predicts carbon price as high as $200

4 Jul 18 - Electricity company Meridian says it sees carbon prices rising as high as $200 a tonne.

Protein’s secret function could boost solar tech

3 Jul 18 - Understanding how certain proteins deal with light absorption can inspire modern solar technology.

New fuel from CO2 could slow climate change

2 Jul 18 - North American scientists might be one step nearer the dream solution to low-carbon energy, new fuel from CO2, if they can suck it straight from the air and convert it directly into gasoline, diesel...

Methane revelations unlikely to affect NZ

28 Jun 18 - Revelations that methane emissions from natural gas production in the United States could be 60 per cent higher than officially acknowledged are unlikely to affect New Zealand, officials say.

Clean energy investment ‘must be 50% higher’

21 Jun 18 - An extra $460 billion a year needs to be invested in the low-carbon economy globally over the next 12 years to limit climate warming to 1.5deg, a new paper says.

Parker to talk hydrogen energy in Japan

David Parker

11 Jun 18 - Developing a sustainable hydrogen energy industry will be on the agenda for talks between New Zealand and Japan this week.

‘Liquid air’ storage technology comes step closer

11 Jun 18 - A UK company has completed a test plant for its liquid air energy storage technology which it hopes will be a long-duration challenger to lithium-ion storage and will avoid the pitfalls that have...

Wood fuel benefits beg for attention, say backers

23 May 18 - New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions could be cut by more 640,000 tonnes a year by burning wood instead of coal in boilers in the Otago region alone.

Natural gas will last bit more than a decade

21 May 18 - Officials have confirmed that at the rate we're using it, New Zealand has about 10 and a half years’ worth of natural gas reserves.

Warming planet faces a cooling crisis

17 May 18 - As climate change warms the Earth, one significant concern is the cooling crisis, the quest for energy-hungry artificial ways to keep ourselves cool.

New steel plant will emit only water vapour

15 May 18 - A pilot plant being built in Sweden will produce steel using hydrogen from renewable electricity. The only emissions will be water vapour.

New technology could slash aluminium emissions

14 May 18 - Technology has been unveiled that could drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions from aluminium production, in a development that could transform the way one of the world’s most common materials is...

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Whangarei likes electric vehicles

Thursday - Whangarei, winner of the most electric vehicle friendly town in New Zealand...

Mercury mission to convert hearts as well as minds

7 Mar 18 - Mercury has taken a step to inspire New Zealanders to embrace the future of...

Calix gets finance for carbon-captue project

1 Feb 18 - Australian technology company Calix says it has secured 3.4 million euros in...

Minesto eyes first ocean current electricity generation

24 Jan 18 - Swedish marine energy developer Minesto is intensifying activities in Taiwan to...

Mercury confirms Tesla battery for grid trial

23 Jan 18 - Tesla has been confirmed as the battery provider for Mercury’s scalable...

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