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Turnbull might allow power firms to buy offsets

Thursday - The Turnbull government is hedging its bets on whether to allow Australian energy companies to buy offsets to comply with their new 26 per cent emissions reduction target.

Australia's gas boom is getting out of whack

Wednesday - The massive growth of Australia’s natural gas industry is inconsistent with the country's Paris commitments.

ACT takes lead on electric vehicles

Tuesday - The Australian Capital Territory government has announced the country’s most ambitious transition plan to electric vehicles.

KOALA CRISIS: Don't blame urban sprawl for the deaths

11 Apr 18 - Tree clearing, not urban sprawl, is to blame for the deaths of thousands of koalas in Queensland, say environmentalists.

Most Australians want rid of coal power

3 Apr 18 - A majority of Australians would support phasing out coal power by 2030, including half the people in a sample identifying as Coalition voters, according to a new survey.

US and China behave as global emissions increase

26 Mar 18 - While global carbon emissions crept upward in 2017 the trends were not entirely bad news - the world's two biggest emitters, China and the United States, made progress in their own ways.

Thousands rally against coal in Sydney

26 Mar 18 - Thousands of people have marched through Sydney calling for an end to coal seam gas and coal mining and a renewed focus on renewables.

Ocean heatwave caused massive gas release

23 Mar 18 - A severe heatwave off Western Australia eight years ago hammered the world's largest region of seagrass, triggering the release of as much as nine million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Climate champion Weatherill chucks it in

Jay Weatherill

20 Mar 18 - The Turnbull government is one step closer to being able to implement its proposed national energy guarantee, courtesy of Jay Weatherill’s departure as the South Australian premier after Saturday’s...

Greens want to end sale of fossil fuel cars by 2030

14 Mar 18 - The Ausralian Greens have proposed introducing mandatory fuel efficiency standards, ending the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, and imposing a four-year 17 per cent tax on luxury vehicles.

Landmark case challenges NT land clearing

13 Mar 18 - A landmark court case in the Northern Territory is set to consider a challenge to a massive land-clearing approval based on its impacts on climate change.

Canberra politicians ride the golden escalator

12 Mar 18 - More than 180 individuals have moved between senior public service roles and the fossil fuel industry in Australia over the past decade - providing a golden escalator for former senior politicians.

Record means Australia's solar future looks bright

8 Mar 18 - The future of Australia’s solar industry is looking bright after a record 3.5m panels were installed on rooftops last year, giving the equivalent output of a medium-sized coal-fired power station.

Rio Tinto faces $84 billion shareholder revolt

5 Mar 18 - Australia’s second-biggest miner, Rio Tinto, faces a shareholder revolt over the role it plays in the country’s climate and energy debate.

Take your brolly to Broome ... it's had 1.5m of rain this year

26 Feb 18 - It has been a soggy start to the year in the Western Australian town of Broome. In the two months of 2018, 1.5 metres of rain has fallen,

Australia has a role for coal, says Shorten

21 Feb 18 - Labor Party leader Bill Shorten has declared there is a role for coal in Australia, and characterised the controversial Adani coalmine as just “another project”.

Canberra gives carbon emitters the go-ahead

20 Feb 18 - Nearly 60 Australian industrial sites have been given the green light to increase crbon emissions, cancelling out cuts paid for by the Coalition governmet using public money.

Battery boom keeping Australia’s grid fully charged

16 Feb 18 - Australia’s love affair with clean energy and battery storage is only just beginning, with the nation on the verge of an energy storage boom.

Australia's solar boom could almost double capacity in a year

13 Feb 18 - A record-breaking month of rooftop installations and a flood of large-scale solar farms could almost double Australia’s solar power capacity in a single year, industry analysts say.

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