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Policy makers dragging the chain, say scientists

Wednesday - An increasing number of reports are identifying limiting global warming to 1.5deg as critical for the future of humans and nature.

Proud Norfolk wants to remake itself as seas rise

Wednesday - US Navy town Norfolk sees itself as a living lab for coastal resilience, one in desperate need of solutions as flooding worsens. Not every neighborhood will be saved.

Just 0.01% of all life, but we've wiped out most living things

Wednesday - Humankind is revealed as simultaneously insignificant and utterly dominant by a groundbreaking new assessment of all life on the planet.

Ex-coal plant to try new carbon capture system

Wednesday - A former coal plant in the north of England will become the test site for a new way to remove carbon dioxide from electricity generation.

New York wants to end coal-fired power

Wednesday - New York State has proposed telling coal plants to change the way they operate, or close down.

Soon your phone might be powered by ship soot

Wednesday - Researchers found a way to turn carbon pollution into graphite, a component widely used in batteries.

Shareholders put pressure on Shell

Tuesday - Royal Dutch Shell faces a shareholder challenge over climate change this week, as investors insist oil and gas firms should offer more transparency and action on carbon emissions.

Modern diesels part of the pollution solution

Tuesday - Concerns over urban air quality and the rise in global temperatures have spurred technological innovation by car makers, meaning that the era of dirty diesel is now over.

Brexit could wreck green agenda, says UN

Tuesday - The United Nations has warned the UK government that the country's reputation is at risk over plans that would significantly weaken protections for the environment after Brexit.

Almost everything you know about e-waste is wrong

Tuesday - Electronic devices need to be repaired - and upgraded - if we are to slow our production of e-waste.

Kelp forests under threat from acid seas

Tuesday - The kelp forests – those towering submarine tangles of brown seaweeds – might not survive the steady change of ocean chemistry.

Birds go hungry as warmth means earlier springs

Tuesday - Climate change means warmer and earlier springs. And that may be of no help to those bird species that get the timing wrong.

Why greener fuels might not make shipping safer

Monday - The shipping industry is concerned that compared with traditional fuels, greener alternatives have a greater potential to cause major accidents.

Tesla could be looking for $10 billion boost

Monday - Elon Musk might need to tap capital markets for more than $10 billion by 2020 to fund Tesla’s automaking operations, new products and an expected expansion into China,

Oil-rich Alaska plans to tackle climate change

Monday - Alaska, a major oil and gas producer, is crafting a plan to address climate change.

The world according to GOP ...

Mo Brooks

Monday - The Earth is not warming. The White Cliffs of Dover are tumbling into the sea and causing sea levels to rise. Global warming is helping grow the Antarctic ice sheet. Those are some of the skeptical...

Middle of nowhere ... yet it’s still awash with microplastics

Monday - Point Nemo in the Pacific is so far flung that the nearest humans are often those aboard the International Space Station. But even that hasn’t saved it from the scourge of microplastics.

Scientists detect mysterious rise in ozone-eater

Friday - Scientists have detected a sharp and mysterious rise in emissions of a key ozone-destroying chemical centred somewhere in east Asia.

Green economy can create 24 million jobs by 2030

Friday - The Paris climate agreement will create 24 million jobs by 2030, according to a report released by the International Labor Organisation

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