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United Nations must do more on climate change

Thursday - Right now, the capability of the UN’s institutions to understand, prepare and respond to climate change risks is terrifyingly inadequate.

OCTLANTIS: Underwater city built (and run) by octopuses

Thursday - The discovery of aquatic architecture has led scientists to compare the behaviour of cephalopods to humans – but octopus city life is no utopia.

MIGHTY MOROCCO: There's only one country doing the job

Wednesday - Just one country – Morocco – is promising to cut emissions to a level that will keep warming to 1.5deg, according to an updated analysis.

Evaporation drains level of world's largest inland sea

Wednesday - The impact of rising temperatures on the Caspian Sea is gradually reducing the world’s largest inland body of water to catastrophically low levels.

CLIMATE CHORUS: Baez finds something new to sing about

18 Sep 17 - Folk legend Joan Baez will join Patti Smith in the line-up for November’s historic Pathway to Paris concert for climate action in New York.

China, EU and Canada to take lead on climate

14 Sep 17 - New partners China, Canada and the EU move to take on global climate leadership at meeting in Canada this weekend as US influence declines.

Third of Earth's soil is acutely degraded due to agriculture

13 Sep 17 - Fertile soil is being lost at rate of 24 billion tonnes a year through intensive farming as demand for food increases, says a UN-backed study.

ACID TEST: The global crisis you’ve never heard of

12 Sep 17 - Cyanidation was the breakthrough gold mining technology of the 1890s, when it enabled Anglo mining conglomerates to make colossal profits from low grade ores. Today, the legacy is life-threatening.

SEASHORE SHOCK: We're approaching peak sand

11 Sep 17 - Exploitation of global supplies of sand is damaging the environment, endangering communities, causing shortages and promoting violent conflict.

Climate fiction really can make a difference

8 Sep 17 - Cli-fi has the potential to make people care about and individually connect to climate change, motivating them to seek out the scientific evidence for themselves.

TICK-TOCK: Parasites on countdown to extinction

7 Sep 17 - As many as one in three parasites could become extinct as a result of climate change by 2070, new research suggests.

Your fancy organic T-shirt is doomed to end up in a dump

5 Sep 17 - Fashion magazine Marie Claire has published its first sustainability issue, representing one of the first times mainstream fashion has turned an eye on environmental and social issues.

Women need much more say in climate change debate

4 Sep 17 - Globally, women are more affected by climate change. Sweden’s deputy prime minister and the head of the Green Climate Fund say women must be brought into the discussion.

Volcanic eruptions did climate damage 56m years ago

31 Aug 17 - A dramatic period of global warming 56 million years ago that saw temperatures climb by up to 5deg was down to volcanic eruptions and offers insights into the scale and possible impact of global...

Overlooked flood risks put many in danger

30 Aug 17 - Governments and insurance companies are failing to educate people on how to avoid flood risks, which are increasing as the climate warms.

Attenborough sees signs of hope for environment

28 Aug 17 - Sir David Attenborough says heis more encouraged about the future health of Earth than he has been for some time after a “worldwide shift” in attitudes.

UN fund puts millions into Egypt renewables

23 Aug 17 - In its biggest project to date, the UN’s flagship climate finance scheme is putting $150m toward developing wind, hydro and solar power in Egypt.

We can reach climate goals by 2040, says new study

22 Aug 17 - Countries could cut global carbon emissions in half by 2040 and stay well below the 2deg warming mark agreed to in the Paris Agreement, says a new report.

INTERVIEW: New tack for Gore, but message just as powerful

18 Aug 17 - Al Gore's new film An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power is different from his first film – it is much more biographical and focuses on how Gore became the great climate change communicator.

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