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Thailand gets $1.1 billion for wind power project

15 Dec 17 - Southeast Asia’s leading solar energy nation -Thailand - could be the frontrunner in wind energy after renewables developer WEH secured funding for the region’s biggest wind power project.

Hyundai building battery bigger than Tesla's

8 Dec 17 - Tesla’s South Australia battery system won’t hold the title of world’s largest for long - Hyundai is building one 50 per cent bigger.

India to add 10,000 e-vehicles to official fleet

24 Nov 17 - India has called tenders for 10,000 electric vehicles as replacements for its official fleet.

Indonesia to roll out 1000 eco-mosques

21 Nov 17 - Worshippers in Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim-majority country, are set to go green with a new initiative that aims to establish 1000 eco-mosques by 2020.

CHOPPER STOPPER: Too much smog for the smog-fighters

16 Nov 17 - An ambitious plan to use helicopters to fight Delhi’s air pollution has been grounded because the aircraft cannot operate in the thick smog.

LEAPING LIZARDS: Giants thrive in wasted oil palm plantations

26 Oct 17 - Of Borneo’s large native scavengers, a giant lizard is the only species that has successfully adapted to the land devastated by oil palm plantations.

How Thailand built a top sustainable stock exchange

20 Oct 17 - Sustainability reporting is not mandatory in Thailand - and yet Thai firms outnumber their Asean peers in the latest Dow Jones Sustainability Indices.

Asean banks need to raise sustainable finance bar

13 Oct 17 - Southeast Asia’s banks have only just started to think about their impact on society and the environment.

India bans Diwali fireworks to tackle Delhi's air pollution

11 Oct 17 - India’s supreme court has banned the sale of fireworks in Delhi during the upcoming Diwali festival, hoping to prevent the usual spike in toxic air pollution levels that accompany the holiday.

Sunny Southeast Asia just doesn't get solar

4 Oct 17 - Southeast Asia has double the solar energy potential of Northern Europe, but the market hype is not living up to the reality on the ground.

Delhi chokes on US exports of tar sands waste

29 Sep 17 - India has emerged as the world’s largest importer of petroleum coke, an oil byproduct that is now a major cause of pollution in the capital.

Palm oil giant makes debut in sustainability index

26 Sep 17 - Singapore palm oil company Golden Agri-Resources has been featured in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices for the first time.

India is about to embark on stupendous e-car changes

21 Sep 17 - India, the world’s fifth-largest car market is readying for a stupendous transformation: moving completely toward electric vehicles by 2030.

Shrinking glaciers threaten water supply of millions

15 Sep 17 - Asia’s mountain glaciers will lose at least a third of their mass through global warming by the century’s end, with dire consequences for millions of people.

Indonesia chases firms to pay for forest damage

31 Aug 17 - The Indonesian government is struggling to collect fines from companies found guilty of damaging the environment, leaving trashed rainforests and peat swamps to stay barren.

Himalayas hold their ground as world weather gets warmer

31 Aug 17 - Asia’s glaciers are holding out against global warming and are melting more slowly than expected.

In these highlands climate change is a death sentence

30 Aug 17 - Climate change should be taken as seriously as fighting insurgents, say those witnessing the savage impact first-hand.

Climate change threatens Pacific Rim farm trade

29 Aug 17 - The United Nations agriculture agency is calling on Asia-Pacific economies to take a leading role in climate change adaptation and mitigation.

Coal to power India for decades, says government

29 Aug 17 - Coal will maintain its dominant share of India’s electricity production for decades to come, according to a major report from the government.

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