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Deforestation getting worse, says study

Monday - Big agribusinesses aren't doing enough to stop deforestation in their supply chains, critics say.

KNEES UP: Hot days in the field might see test stars in shorts

Thursday - The changing climate has brought to the holy temple of cricket a raft of possible consequences, from more drinks breaks to playing in shorts.

Building climate defences could boost economies

Wednesday - Countries could reap a $7 trillion economic prize by investing in measures to adapt to a changing climate, according to an analysis backed by Ban Ki-Moon, Bill Gates and the head of the World Bank.

Big Food 'failing to face up to role' in emergency

5 Sep 19 - The world’s biggest producers of meat, dairy and seafood are failing to tackle the enormous impact they are having on the planet through deforestation, the routine use of antibiotics and greenhouse gas emissions, a report warns.

Don't leave crisis to 'neanderthals', says Kerry

5 Sep 19 - Humanity risks marching off a cliff unless governments take immediate action to fight the climate emergency, says former US secretary of state John Kerry.

Belt and Road could weaken global 2deg target

4 Sep 19 - China’s multi-trillion dollar global investment plans could blow the 2deg warming limit set by the Paris Agreement without curbs on pollution, a new study says.

What does '12 years left to act' really mean?

3 Sep 19 - Where does the idea of the planet having 11 or 12 years left to act on climate change come from, and what does it actually mean?

Russia likely to ratify Paris Agreement

3 Sep 19 - Officials in Moscow say the Russian government plans, after several years’ hesitation, to ratify the global agreement, the Paris climate accord, within the next few months.

Pilgrims to Mecca risk being killed by heat

30 Aug 19 - Many of the nearly two million Muslim pilgrims who journey to Saudi Arabia annually will soon be in severe danger of death from the extreme heat.

There's only one way nuclear war could be a cool idea

28 Aug 19 - Smoke from Canadian forest fires was so vast it bore comparison with a nuclear bomb’s mushroom cloud – and the global cooling that might unleash.

E-cigarettes could create recycling disaster

28 Aug 19 - Vaping has been declared a serious health epidemic, but it could also create a massive recycling disaster, according to researchers.

Big Fashion signs sustainability pact

27 Aug 19 - Companies such as Adidas, Burberry, Kering, Hermes, Nike, Prada and Puma, have come together at the G7 summit to improve sustainability in the fashion industry.

Are doctors ready to respond as planet warms?

26 Aug 19 - As climate change brings dangerous heat waves, too little is being done to better warn patients or physicians of the growing risk, medical experts say.

Will environmental populism save the planet?

23 Aug 19 - It's a telling indictment of the quality and imagination of international leaders that schoolchildren are taking the lead on an issue that will, for better or worse, define their future.

How can we do something useful with ocean plastic?

22 Aug 19 - Growing awareness of ocean plastic has prompted local efforts to keep beaches clean. But the amount of discards collected poses the question of what to do with it.

World leaders, high fashion stitch together a climate deal

22 Aug 19 - G7 leaders this weekend will join fashion retailers and brands to sigfn a global pact to fight the climate crisis and protect biodiversity and the oceans.

Don't blame nature for this warming world

21 Aug 19 - The only period in which the world’s climate has changed everywhere and at the same time is right now.

China and allies challenge UN chief’s climate vision

20 Aug 19 - Emerging economies have called on rich countries to meet their pre-2020 climate targets and ramp up climate finance.

Greta's young fans hungry for books about activists

16 Aug 19 - The soaring popularity of the feisty, outspoken environmental advocate Greta Thunberg – who is only 16 – has caused a rise in young people seeking stories about saving the planet.

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