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Trump told Paris Agreement is non-negotiable

Tuesday - The terms of the Paris Agreement are set in stone, the EU, China and Canada agreed at a summit in Montreal at thge weekend, while Washington was forced to deny that the US is planning to stay in the accord.

Jerry Brown’s climate coalition spreads the word

Tuesday - California governor Jerry Brown's climate coalition list of city, state and national governments nears 200 and is shifting climate diplomacy beyond the caprices of national leaders.

Trump might replace Obama's big climate rule

Monday - The Trump administration is opening the door to offering its own replacement for former President Barack Obama's landmark climate regulation — rather than just erasing it altogether.

TRAGEDY TOWN: Community that took on the Kochs

12 Sep 17 - A new film tells the story of Crossett, Arkansas – a small town dominated by a Koch brothers-owned paper mill, blamed for dumping cancer-causing chemicals.

Storms lay costs of climate denial at Trump’s door

11 Sep 17 - The US president’s dismissal of scientific research is doing nothing to protect the livelihoods of ordinary Americans.

Mars (the bars kind) counters Trump's climate craziness

8 Sep 17 - The corporate backlash is growing against Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, with Mars launching a $1bn sustainability plan and an M&M’s campaign centred on renewable energy.

BLOOM AND BUST: Sick seas hurt the housing market

8 Sep 17 - In the real estate business, it’s all about location, location, location. Except when it’s about water quality. And large algal outbreaks are a great way to dampen the value of waterfront property.

Trump wants climate science denier to run NASA

6 Sep 17 - The White House has announced that President Donald Trump plans to nominate Republican Jim Bridenstine, a climate science denier, to be administrator of NASA.

Insurance industry eyes Hurricane Harvey cost

6 Sep 17 - Because US infrastructure is not built to withstand climate change the cost of the Hurrican Harvey disaster will be relatively high.

Faded favourite jeans might be causing a health threat

5 Sep 17 - The faded, “distressed look” of a favorite pair of blue jeans, might come with a hidden price.

California wants law setting 100% renewable power goal

4 Sep 17 - California, the world’s sixth-largest economy, is aiming for an entirely clean power grid by 2045 with legislation that pits technology start-ups against utilities.

Invasive insect chewing through Mississippi delta

1 Sep 17 - An invasion of tiny insects is killing swaths of coastal marsh at the mouth of the Mississippi River, and has turned an already unraveling landscape into open water in a matter of months.

US to abolish job of climate change envoy

31 Aug 17 - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has informed Congress that the US will no longer have a special envoy for climate change, the official that has led delegations to UN climate talks since 2009.

How did climate change make Hurricane Harvey much worse?

30 Aug 17 - At least 14 people have died and tens of thousands evacuated as Houston continues to be battered by catastrophic rainfall. Can we decode the disaster?

I was an Exxon-funded climate scientist

28 Aug 17 - ExxonMobil’s deliberate attempts to sow doubt on the reality and urgency of climate change and their donations to front groups to disseminate false information about climate change have been public...

California pollution permits sell at highest price ever

25 Aug 17 - California has raised more than $640 million auctioning off permits for businesses to emit greenhouse gases as part of a program aimed at fighting climate change.

WALL WARS: Stop fighting and make Rio Grande grand again

25 Aug 17 - Rather than spending billions of dollars and squabbling about a border wall, the US and Mexico could adopt an alternative vision: regenerating the Rio Grande.

There’s no saving the world without business

24 Aug 17 - The “We Are Still In” movement launched to send a message to US president Donald Trump over his Paris Agreement threat has grown to include more than 1500 businesses and investors, as well as nine...

Denmark just generated 140% of its power demand from wind

23 Aug 17 - On a particularly windy day recently, Denmark’s wind farms produced between 116 per cent and 140 per cent of the national electricity requirements ... and they weren’t even trying.

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