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Rising seas spark tobacco-style lawsuits in California

Friday - Several flood-prone municipalities in California filed first-of-their-kind lawsuits against fossil fuel companies this week as they attempt to recoup the cost of coping with rising seas.

Plastic pollution risks near-permanent contamination

Friday - Humans have produced more than eight billion tonnes of plastic since the 1950s with the majority ending up in landfill or polluting the world’s continents and oceans.

Asia coal boom bankrolled by foreign money

Friday - The much-discussed boom in coal-fired power in south-east Asia is being bankrolled by foreign governments and banks, with the vast majority of projects apparently too risky for the private sector.

CON JOB: We must stop fighting as individuals

Friday - OPINION: Stop obsessing with how personally green you live – and start collectively taking on corporate power.

Work for me, says Macron, and scientists flock to France

Friday - Hundreds of climate scientists, including many from the United States, have applied to work in France under a multi-million dollar scheme set up by President Emmanuel Macron.

Satellites zero in on dangerous urban heat islands

Friday - Cities are getting hotter as the planet warms, and the consequences can be deadly - a heat wave hit Russia in 2010 and killed 55,000 people.

Cape Town shares water lessons of record drought

Friday - Cape Town, experiencing its worst drought in 100 years, has taken the situation as an opportunity to seek solutions which could be of use in other parts of Africa.


Thursday - Spot NZUs opened today at $17.50 bid and $17.80 offered, after last fixing at $17.70.

Let buyers borrow more on greener homes, says report

Thursday - Homebuyers could take out bigger mortgages if the energy ratings of properties were factored into the lending criteria of banks and building societies, new research has found.

Fiji COP presidency must not fail climate victims

Thursday - Despite warm words about protecting the vulnerable, the island presidency of this year’s UN climate talks is showing no urgency on “loss and damage”.

At halfway point, 2017 is second-hottest year on record

Thursday - At the halfway point of the year, 2017 remains the second-hottest year to date — a surprise given the demise of the El Niño that helped to boost temperatures to record levels last year.

World’s young face $535 trillion bill for climate

Thursday - The next generation will have to pay a $535 trillion bill to tackle climate change, relying on unproven and speculative technology.

Get together and slash emissions, Australians told

Thursday - Australians collectively could slash greenhouse gas emissions by a staggering 70 per cent if they joined forces to become energy and climate trailblazers in their own backyards.

Protesters die as Canadian company mines hills of silver

Thursday - In Guatemala, one of the world’s largest silver deposits reaps millions for its Canadian owners - but for local farmers the price is their land and even their lives

EU slapped for breaching access to environmental justice

Thursday - The European Union has accepted a UN ruling that found the bloc in breach of international laws requiring the public to have access to justice on environmental matters.

Rising seas threaten scores of Pacific species with extinction

Wednesday - The Chuuk flying fox. The Black-spotted Cuscus. The Fijian crested iguana. The Mariana skink. The greater monkey-faced bat. Poncelet’s giant rat. They live on islands in the Pacific and they are...

California extends cap-and-trade to 2030

Wednesday - California lawmakers have voted to extend the state's signature programme for cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

European car makers plead with China to slow down

Wednesday - Faced with China’s unwavering plan to accelerate the introduction of electric and hybrid cars, European manufacturers have joined forces with other global producers to plead with Beijing for a ‘less...

US utilities giving people cash for clean cars

Wednesday - Carmakers, regulators, legislators and utilities are increasingly working together to boost sales of electric vehicles

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