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Why we have three years left to stop dangerous climate change

Today 9:00am - The next three years will be crucial to stopping the worst effects of global warming, says former UN chief Christiana Figueres and other experts.

MODI AND ADANI: Old friends who are laying waste to India

Today 9:00am - India’s environment has been subjugated to the whims of the prime minister’s industrial cronies. How can the world believe him on climate change?

Fossil lobbies threaten to scupper renewables in South Africa

Today 9:00am - South African power utility Eskom recently repeated that it will not conclude supply contracts with the developers of new renewable energy power stations.

Things are hotting up for the world's bulging waistline

Today 9:00am - Earth's tropical atmosphere - our bulging waistline - is growing in all directions and some countries should be worried.

Closing nuclear plants threatens climate targets

Today 9:00am - Closing nuclear plants in Europe and North America from 2020 threatens global plans to cut carbon emissions unless governments build new nuclear plants or expand the use of renewables.

Praising China’s carbon market shows how low the bar has fallen

Wednesday - China is planning the world’s biggest carbon market, but with little detail given for its design, praise for the scheme is premature.


Wednesday - Spot NZUs opened today at $16.65 bid and $16.90 offered, after last fixing at $16.80.

Chokepoints threaten security of world's food supply

Wednesday - The world's food security is increasingly reliant on 14 "chokepoints" for trade, a think-tank report has warned.

Science splits ranks over fossil fuel phase-out

Wednesday - US academics are arguing with ferocity about how to achieve a fossil fuel phase out. But, for now, the debate is entirely academic.

French leader vows to stop oil and gas licences

Wednesday - The new French government has announced it will stop granting licences for new oil and gas exploration.

Six million in China just went 100% renewable for a week

Qutan temple, Qinghai province

Wednesday - Qinghai province in China has just used entirely renewable energy for seven days as part of a trial to prove that it is possible to use just green energy.

How is it possible to use more resources than we can replenish?

Wednesday - Since the 1970s, humans have used more resources than the planet can regenerate.

Paris agreement only way to save coral reefs

Wednesday - Greater emissions reductions and delivering on the Paris climate agreement are now “the only opportunity” to save coral reefs the world over from decline.


Tuesday - Spot NZUs opened today at $16.30 bid and $16.70 offered, after last fixing at $16.50.

Energy major talks of falling fossil fuel demand

Tuesday - One of the world’s biggest energy companies sees problems ahead with falling fossil fuel demand and huge growth in renewables.

Ocean levels on the rise ... and quickly

Tuesday - Seas are rising faster, prompting scientists to warn that coastal adaptation plans should be put in place urgently.

Huge Iceland eruption mimics industrial emissions

Tuesday - The largest Iceland eruption in 230 years offers a unique look into how aerosols affect the atmosphere.

Organic farming might not cut climate risk

Tuesday - Organic farming does not always benefit the environment in the ways people expect, and might not avert climate change effects, scientists say.

LOOK WHO AGREE: Exxon, Hawking and Reagan’s men

Tuesday - What do ExxonMobil, Stephen Hawking, the Nature Conservancy, and Ronald Reagan’s secretary of Treasury and chief of staff have in common?

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