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Australian ecosystems face collapse

6 Jul 18 - The Great Barrier Reef has become a notorious victim of climate change, but it is not the only Australian ecosystem on the brink of collapse.

Why electricity sector won't bear brunt of Paris cuts

5 Jul 18 - A leading energy market analyst has warned that parts of the economy other than electricity will bear the brunt of Australia’s emissions reduction effort under the Paris agreement.

Stores pull plastic bags ... and Aussie shoppers don't get it

4 Jul 18 - A call has gone out for Australians to be educated about plastic pollution after a shop assistant was assaulted and retail workers were abused by shoppers when major stores pulled plastic bags.

Australia will need coal 'possibly forever', says Turnbull

28 Jun 18 - Coal will have an important role in Australia “possibly forever”, according to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Australia records worst-ever emissions

27 Jun 18 - Australia’s emissions over the past year were again the highest on record when unreliable data from land use and forestry sectors are excluded, according to new data.

Australia passes 3m small solar installs

26 Jun 18 - Rooftop solar and solar hot water installs in Australia have passed the three million-mark, as homes and businesses continue to take the power back against rising energy costs.

Farmers' federation lines up against Tony Abbott

25 Jun 18 - Australia's National Farmers’ Federation has added its voice to a chorus of Liberals and some Nationals warning Tony Abbott and other conservatives not to scuttle the government’s national energy guarantee.

Macquarie offers £500m for sustainable projects

21 Jun 18 - Australian investment group Macquarie has offered £500 million to finance green projects.

Australian firms told to catch up on climate risk

19 Jun 18 - Australian companies are not doing enough work to model the risks of climate change and how it will affect their profitability, a new report says.

Gas-guzzler Australia on road to becoming the next Cuba

15 Jun 18 - Australia's reluctance to recognise electric vehicles could mean that eventually it will join Cuba as the globe's Jurassic Park for cars.

Worsening drought pushes farmers to the brink

13 Jun 18 - On NSW's Liverpool plains, cows are being slaughtered because there is no way of feeding them after years of extreme weather.

Green steel king vows cheap power for Aussies

12 Jun 18 - UK “green steel” billionaire Sanjeev Gupta has unveiled a landmark agreement to provide cheap solar power to five major South Australian companies, promising to slash their electricity costs by up to...

Sweet turns sour as sugar takes on solar

12 Jun 18 - As solar farms spread across the central agricultural regions of Queensland, opponents are becoming increasingly vocal.

Australian beats Elon Musk to $820,000 Global Energy Prize

11 Jun 18 - Australia’s “father of PV”, Professor Martin Green, has been awarded the 2018 Global Energy Prize, beating out a shortlist that included Tesla’s Elon Musk.

Climate change a clear and present danger to Australia

25 May 18 - The changing climate means Australia is facing a range of important domestic and international security implications, a Senate report has found.

Australian businesses back renewables

16 May 18 - Australian businesses are jumping on board the renewables boom with almost half of the nation's major companies making the switch to clean, affordable and reliable renewable energy.

How will drought-hit farmers feed Australia?

15 May 18 - Australia has just experienced the eighth-driest April on record with rainfall across grain, sheep and cattle heartlands well below normal. So how do farmers plan to keep the country fed?

No money in Aussie budget to fight climate change

14 May 18 - Australia's response to intensifying extreme weather events remains at the bottom of the national agenda, after the Federal Budget failed to deliver funding for measures to tackle climate change.

Energy service finds best deal for customers

11 May 18 - An Australian consumer group Choice has launched a $99 service to compare prices from electricity retailers, monitor them for 12 months and automatically switch subscribers to the best deal.

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