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TINY TRACTORS: Welcome to the rise of the robot farmer

Tuesday - Tiny automated machines could soon take care of the entire growing process down on the farm. Fewer chemicals, more efficient – where’s the downside?

US emissions fell in 2017 as coal plants shut

Tuesday - Greenhouse gas emissions from the largest US industrial plants fell 2.7 per cent in 2017 as coal plants shut, according to the Trump administration.

Trump tries again to stop youngsters' case

Tuesday - President Trump’s administration has for a second time asked the US Supreme Court to put the brakes on a lawsuit filed by young activists who have accused the government of ignoring the perils of climate change.

Nauruans (and refugees) have nowhere to hide

Tuesday - Everyone on Nauru – indigenous Nauruans and refugees alike – is experiencing the impacts of one the greatest social, economic and political threats faced by the world today: global environmental change.

Study finds 90% of table salt contains microplastics

Tuesday - Ninety per cent sea, rock and lake salt brands sold around the world contain microplastics, a new study shows.

Russian town besieged by hungry polar bears

Tuesday - A coastal town in the Russian Arctic has been besieged by hungry polar bears who are spending more time on land as sea ice melts due to climate change.

Global carbon emissions set to hit new high

Friday - Global carbon emissions will rise to a new record level in 2018, making the chances of reaching a target to keep temperature increases to 1.5deg or 2deg “weaker and weaker every year, every month,” says the International Energy Agency.

Wales to turn back on coal mining

Friday - Future coal mining applications are set to be rejected as a matter of policy for the first time in Wales.

New climate threatens heritage sites

Friday - More powerful storms, flooding, desertification and the melting of permafrost are already destroying important heritage sites at an alarming rate.

Fracking protesters set free on appeal

Friday - Three protesters jailed for blocking access to a UK fracking site have walked free after the court of appeal quashed their sentences, calling them “manifestly excessive”.

Rice gene bank wins survival funding

Friday - The world’s largest collection of rice varieties has secured indefinite funding in what officials say will be crucial for the development of seeds resilient to the effects of climate change.

ANGKOR'S END: Did floods speed the end of ancient city?

Friday - A series of floods that hit the ancient city of Angkor would have overwhelmed and destroyed its vast water network, according to a new study that provides an explanation for the downfall of the...

Leaders move past Trump to protect the world

Thursday - Far more must be invested in adapting to warming, says a new global commission that aims to rebuild political will after the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement.

Banks and insurers must have plans, says BoE

Thursday - The Bank of England has told Britain’s banks and insurers they must come up with credible plans for protecting themselves against risks from climate change and that they might need to hold more...

Judge rules youngsters can sue the state

Thursday - A lawyer for a group of young Americans suing the federal government over climate change said a judge’s decision to allow the suit to move forward should clear the way for a trial to begin this month.

CLIMATE CASE: The fact is we just don't have enough data

Thursday - Climate researchers must understand the past before they can understand the future. But across huge swaths of the world, scientists simply don’t have the data they need.

Greens big winners in European elections

Thursday - The Greens have been the big winners at the weekend elections by attracting new voters in Belgium, Luxembourg and Bavaria.

Change ‘laboratories’ open up in EU

Thursday - Stark warnings from the United Nations ahead of a make-or-break summit in Poland in December have propelled climate change up the political agenda in Europe.

Australia should be 'exporting sunshine, not coal'

Jeffrey Sachs

17 Oct 18 - Economist Jeffrey Sachs has criticised successive Australian governments for “defending a 19th or 20th century industry” rather than taking decisive action on climate change, saying Australia should...

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Whangarei likes electric vehicles

16 Aug 18 - Whangarei, winner of the most electric vehicle friendly town in New Zealand...

Mercury mission to convert hearts as well as minds

7 Mar 18 - Mercury has taken a step to inspire New Zealanders to embrace the future of...

Calix gets finance for carbon-captue project

1 Feb 18 - Australian technology company Calix says it has secured 3.4 million euros in...

Minesto eyes first ocean current electricity generation

24 Jan 18 - Swedish marine energy developer Minesto is intensifying activities in Taiwan to...

Mercury confirms Tesla battery for grid trial

23 Jan 18 - Tesla has been confirmed as the battery provider for Mercury’s scalable...

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