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Cuts now will take heat out of climate shocks

Tuesday - Substantial cuts to greenhouse gas emissions now will prevent New Zealanders alive today being exposed to temperatures they have never experienced before, says the New Zealand lead author of research published today.

Scientists warn of more-frequent coastal flooding

Monday - Coastal floods will become much more common with even small rises in sea-levels, scientists say.

ICE AGE: Is the disintegration of Antarctica unstoppable?

Monday - Scientists fear that Antarctica’s ice sheet might have entered the early stages of an unstoppable disintegration.

Experts reject claim that 2deg target not worth it

Monday - Experts have challenged a claim by Bjørn Lomborg’s Copenhagen Consensus Centre that holding global temperature rises to 2deg is a poor investment.

New idea aims to keep plastic out of oceans

Thursday - Unilever will pilot an innovative technology to recycle plastic sachets, preventing billions of sachets entering oceans and landfill.

Warming world wiping out our prized penguin


17 May 17 - New Zealand’s Yellow-eyed penguins – the world’s rarest penguin - could be extinct on the mainland by 2060 as climate change puts extra pressure on the already endangered birds, scientists are warning.

Warm Arctic fuels second-hottest April

17 May 17 - An unusually warm Arctic spring fueled the second-hottest April on record globally.

Warming world threatens our ancient forests

16 May 17 - Failing to hold climate warming to 1.5deg could spell disaster for New Zealand’s ancient West Coast podocarps forests, new research shows.

Future looks rocky for alpine flowers

16 May 17 - Scientists warn that alpine flowers and plants could face extinction as warming forces them higher up into hostile rocky mountain terrain.

Oceans are running out of oxygen ... and quickly

12 May 17 - Circulation changes caused by warming waters and melting polar ice are the most probable explanations for the rapidly falling levels of oxygen in the ocean.

Slow-freezing Alaska drives surge in carbon emissions

10 May 17 - Alaska’s soils are taking far longer to freeze over, resulting in a surge in carbon dioxide emissions that could mean a much faster rate of global warming.

MICROBE MAGIC: How we can be mates with methane

8 May 17 - Ingenuity in laboratories worldwide is harnessing microbes, water and hot air to produce different types of renewable energy from greenhouse gas.

April sure was wet ... and warm

5 May 17 - April was – officially - warmer and wetter than usual.

Is the climate consensus 97%, 99.9%, or is tectonics a hoax?

5 May 17 - A new study argues the 97 per cent climate consensus estimate is too low, while deniers claim it’s too high.

CLIMATE CONSCIENCE: Believing is half the battle

5 May 17 - If we believe that we can personally help to stop climate change with individual actions – such as turning the thermostat down – then we are more likely to make a difference, according to new...

Next decade will be critical for climate targets

3 May 17 - European researchers stress urgency in tackling global warming to meet climate targets, and say the goal of a less than 2deg rise may be unrealistic.

HOT NEWS: Good chance El Niño will be back this year

2 May 17 - The climate event that helped to supercharge global warming to record levels in 2015 and 2016 is 50-60 per cent likely in 2017.

Nitrite pollution puts warming waters at risk

2 May 17 - Nitrite pollution caused by rising temperatures is changing the chemistry of coastal waters, threatening more algal blooms and zones devoid of fish.

Climate could drive coastal food webs to collapse

2 May 17 - Coastal marine food chains could be in danger of collapse as a result of rising carbon dioxide levels.

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