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Recycling alone not plastics solution

3 Dec 18 - Recycling alone will not solve New Zealand’s plastics pollution problem – the country needs to use less, a new report says.

How ignoring climate change will cost us billions

7 Aug 18 - Unchecked climate change will cost New Zealand nearly $6 billion a year in lost earnings, researchers have calculated.

Hot summer leads to higher energy emissions

22 Jun 18 - New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions from energy were up in the first three months of this year compared to the same time last year – with record temperatures meaning less water was available for hydro-electric generation.

We're getting more worried about climate change

26 Apr 18 - New Zealanders are more worried about climate change than they have been for six years.

Emissions trimmed, but that's not the full story

13 Apr 18 - Increased hydro-electricity generation and a 1.5 million fall in the national sheep flock has led to a slight fall in New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions.

DOUBLE TROUBLE: Carbon emissions running wild

22 Jan 18 - New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions blow-out continues unabashed, with net emissions expected to more than double by 2030, despite international pledges to cut them.

One-for-two subsidy enters its dying days

22 Jan 18 - New Zealand’s one-for-two carbon subsidy is almost gone.

Policies will begin to bite down on the farm

22 Jan 18 - Government policies – including the Emissions Trading Scheme - are expected to start making a dent in New Zealand’s agricultural emissions over the next 12 years.

How much CO2 will the world need to remove from the air?

1 Dec 17 - Scientists increasingly agree that the world might need negative emissions to prevent catastrophic warming.

Our carbon price too low, says bank report

2 Nov 17 - New Zealand's carbon price is at the low end of global prices – and well below the level that will trigger the emissions cuts needed to meet the Paris Agreement, a new report shows.

Nations too slow to decarbonise, says report

1 Nov 17 - Countries are failing to decarbonise at the rate needed to meet their Paris Agreement pledges, let alone hold warming to less than 2deg, says global accountancy firm PwC.

How we can meet food demand and still hit 1.5deg target

4 Oct 17 - Carbon emissions from agriculture can be significantly cut while still meeting the food demands of the world’s growing population, a new study says.

CARBON CALM: Worldwide emissions stood still in 2016

29 Sep 17 - Global emissions of climate-warming carbon dioxide remained static in 2016, a welcome sign that the world is making at least some progress in the battle against global warming.

Energy forecast sees global emissions growing

18 Sep 17 - Worldwide emissions of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels could grow 16 per cent by the year 2040 from the levels of 2015, the year by which the Paris Agreement intended to reverse the...

Massive El Niño sent greenhouse gas emissions soaring

14 Aug 17 - The monster El Niño weather pattern of 2014–16 caused tropical forests to burp up three billion tonnes of carbon, according to a new analysis.

GASES ARE GO: Our emissions on the rise again

11 Aug 17 - New Zealand’s reported greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise again, new figures show.


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