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Huge Iceland eruption mimics industrial emissions

Tuesday - The largest Iceland eruption in 230 years offers a unique look into how aerosols affect the atmosphere.

LOOK WHO AGREE: Exxon, Hawking and Reagan’s men

Tuesday - What do ExxonMobil, Stephen Hawking, the Nature Conservancy, and Ronald Reagan’s secretary of Treasury and chief of staff have in common?

Safety of world seed vaults is crucial to food future

Monday - There is a fearful irony to recent news of flooding at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway.

Government action isn’t enough for climate change

Friday - Even if all the Paris Agreement nations do their part, governments alone can’t substantially reduce the risk of catastrophic climate change.

Big trouble brews in the birthplace of coffee

Thursday - Rising temperatures are set to wipe out half of Ethiopia’s coffee-growing areas, with loss of certain locations likened to France losing a great wine region.

Nearly a third of the world now faces deadly heatwaves

21 Jun 17 - Nearly a third of the world’s population is now exposed to climatic conditions that produce deadly heatwaves.

Desert basins could hold ‘missing’ carbon sinks

21 Jun 17 - Deserts across the globe might contain some of the world’s “missing” carbon sinks — land masses scientists had not previously identified that absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

Al Gore: Climate fight like suffrage and slavery

21 Jun 17 - Former US vice-president Al Gore has compared climate change to historic “moral causes” such as abolishing slavery, universal suffrage, anti-apartheid, civil, and gay rights.

Welcome to the sustainability revolution

20 Jun 17 - The winners of an annual worldwide competition to spread clean energy have been urged to see it as a sustainability revolution.

Brazil prepares to grant land rights to Amazon criminals

19 Jun 17 - The Brazil government is set to roll back protections on vast areas of the Amazon that would legitimise land claims often made under fake names to avoid prosecution

Arctic icebergs freeze climate research plans

19 Jun 17 - Canadian scientists have to think again as unusual Arctic warmth puts shipping at risk and icebergs freeze climate research plans.

May continues a warm streak for the planet

16 Jun 17 - Another month is in the global temperature record books. While May just missed setting a record, the data is another reminder that climate change is making the world hotter and pushing it into a new...

Crisis looms as fish abandon tropical waters

16 Jun 17 - The tropics are emptying out as climate change pushes marine species toward cooler waters, and the fishing industry expands around the globe.

Big Fish pledges to eradicate problem practices

14 Jun 17 - Nine of the world's largest fishing companies have agreed to a joint UN pact to eradicate illegal catch, overfishing, and other unstainable practices.

Poor Chad is the world's worst climate country

14 Jun 17 - Of the 186 countries assessed in a recent survey of climate vulnerability, Chad was rated most in peril.

May has made Gove 'fox in charge of the hen house'

13 Jun 17 - Michael Gove’s appointment as UK environment secretary is like “putting the fox in charge of the hen house”.

Norway's $960b fund wants answers from banks

12 Jun 17 - Norway's $960 billion sovereign wealth fund will ask the banks in which it has invested to disclose how their lending contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

Canada plans to work with American states

9 Jun 17 - The Canadian federal government will work directly with American states and cities on global warming in a broad strategy to become a leader on the issue.

Obama on food and climate change: ‘We can still act’

8 Jun 17 - FORMER US president Barack Obama addresses the greatest challenges facing the world, and what we can do about them.

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