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Mexico strikes green gold with bioplastics

Tuesday - Tequila, avocado and corn are proving their worth beyond Mexican fiesta staples as key components for a fast-growing bioplastics market.

Marine worms are dining out on plastic

17 Aug 18 - On land, earthworms eat dead leaves and fungi and poop out tiny bits of organic matter that enrich the soil. In the sea, it turns out that some marine worms chew on floating plastic and poop out microplastics.

Dimming the Sun has a dark side

10 Aug 18 - Solar geoengineering would ease heat stress, but also block vital sunlight for plants.

Ozone hole story reads like a best-seller

30 Jul 18 - The ozone hole is an environmental success story and an enduring global threat ... and the its headlines in recent months read like an international eco-thriller.

Scientists find climate-change secrets locked in troposphere

23 Jul 18 - Scientists studying the troposphere – the lowest level of the atmosphere – have found “powerful evidence” that climate change is altering seasonal temperatures.

Tiny fern might lead us to big solutions

13 Jul 18 - A tiny fern might provide global impact for sinking atmospheric carbon dioxide, fixing nitrogen in agriculture and shooing pesky insects from crops.

Methane leaks throw doubt on role of natural gas

25 Jun 18 - Higher than expected levels of the potent short-lived climate pollutant raise questions about whether natural gas can be an effective bridge to lower emissions.

Seaweed scientist wins global acclaim

Dr Wendy Nelson

22 Jun 18 - Research into farming seaweed as a way of storing carbon has earned a New Zealand scientist international recognition.

Why carbon neutral means cutting all gases

Prof Robert McLachlan

21 Jun 18 - Two of the three options in the Government’s Zero Carbon Bill discussion paper will not increase New Zealand’s current emissions reduction target, says a mathematician who has run the numbers.

Our cities in the 30-year climate firing line

20 Jun 18 - New Zealanders are among the billions of city dwellers who will be hit by the impacts of climate change within three decades, a new report shows.

Billions of tonnes of CO2 safe underground, says report

18 Jun 18 - Storing billions of tonnes of CO2 underground would be a “safe and effective” way to help to limit the effects of climate change, a new study says.

Warming world will weaken rice nutrition

18 Jun 18 - Climate change will make rice less nutritious, putting millions of the world’s poor at risk, new studies show.

Why methane should be treated differently

13 Jun 18 - New research provides a way out of a longstanding quandary in climate policy: how best to account for the warming effects of greenhouse gases that have different atmospheric lifetimes.

NEW-WAVE: Microsoft goes deep with subsea data centre

8 Jun 18 - Microsoft has placed a data centre on the sea floor off the Scottish coast in an innovative environmental test.

Hitting 1.5deg warming point could save the world trillions

24 May 18 - Holding global warming to 1.5deg instead of 2deg could save the world more than $29 trillion, researchers say.

How the 'carbon budget' is causing problems

24 May 18 - Few ideas in climate science have gained greater public attention in the last decade than the concept of the “carbon budget”.

Just 0.01% of all life, but we've wiped out most living things

23 May 18 - Humankind is revealed as simultaneously insignificant and utterly dominant by a groundbreaking new assessment of all life on the planet.

Soon your phone might be powered by ship soot

23 May 18 - Researchers found a way to turn carbon pollution into graphite, a component widely used in batteries.

Bill Gates company goes in search of nuclear Nirvana

7 May 18 - Microsoft founder Bill Gates' company TerraPower aims to build a safe, nearly waste-free nuclear reactor that won't contribute to weapons proliferation or climate change.

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