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Green-wise Norway is drilling more wells

Thursday - Never mind how many electric cars are sold there, Norway has to change tack and end prospecting for new oil reserves.

Fuel industry forces Russia to change plans

30 Oct 19 - The Russian government has gutted its proposed law to regulate emissions, apparently caving in to the country’s powerful fossil fuel industry.

FARTY PARTY: Munich beer bash is a gas for emissions

29 Oct 19 - Scientists say the annual Munich Oktoberfest celebration of beer, bands and bratwurst produces methane emissions as high as some major cities.

Macron turns on climate protesters

25 Oct 19 - Why are climate protesters being tear-gassed under the watch of France’s president, a self-defined climate champion?

Europe’s largest floating solar plant up and running

21 Oct 19 - The Rhône valley in southern France is best known for its wines and food. Now, it can also add solar power to its list of attractions.

EU bank puts off climate policy decision

18 Oct 19 - The European Investment Bank has decided to delay until next month a decision on updating its energy lending policy.

Italy eyes cheaper food without packaging

18 Oct 19 - Italian shoppers could soon enjoy a discount on products sold loose as part of a range of measures expected to be approved by the government.

Copenhagen sprints to crown of first carbon-neutral capital

16 Oct 19 - Green growth and ‘hedonistic sustainability’ have helped to keep the public on board as Copenhagen seeks to be the first carbon-neutral city by 2025.

VILLAGERS DIG IN: 'Human rights before mining rights'

1 Oct 19 - Villagers living on the edge of one of Germany’s biggest surface coalmines have vowed not sell their properties to the energy company RWE, and to fight any attempt to oust them from their homes.

Poland plunges ahead with new coal mines

Brown coal mine and power station in Belchatow, Poland

30 Sep 19 - Poland’s ruling Law and Justice Party plans to introduce legislation that will allow the government to open new coal mines without the approval of local authorities.

Activists suing Europe’s biggest coal plant

27 Sep 19 - It is Europe’s biggest coal plant, with annual CO2 emissions roughly equivalent to those of the whole of New Zealand – but the future of the Beůchatów power station in central Poland has been called...

Newspaper says no thanks to ads from fossil fuel companies

27 Sep 19 - A Swedish newspaper has announced it will stop taking advertising that promotes fossil fuel-based goods and services with immediate effect.

EU bank begins green metamorphosis

10 Sep 19 - European Investment Bank directors are about to begin discussing an updated lending policy which could see the EU bank stop funding fossil fuel projects.

Green is all the go in Ireland

6 Sep 19 - Ireland is about to get a whole lot greener by planting 440 million trees.

Europe facing dramatic farmland devaluation

5 Sep 19 - Climate change could turn the entire EU agribusiness upside down, according to the European Environment Agency.

Europe confounds warming predictions

3 Sep 19 - Climate change is raising temperatures in Europe even faster than climate models projected.

Frankfurt steels itself for car show anger

30 Aug 19 - The Frankfurt car show is stepping up security checks to prepare for potential disruption by climate activists who are calling for people to join anti-car protests.

How Europe could power the world

16 Aug 19 - Europe has enough space to create millions of wind turbines that could power the entire world until 2050, according to a new scientific analysis.

Glasgow likely host of 2020 climate summit

12 Aug 19 - The UK government has announced the Scottish city of Glasgow would be the stage for next year’s UN climate talks.

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