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Problems getting worse, says environment report

Thursday - Climate change is already making New Zealand’s environmental problems worse and threatens the economy, a new official assessment of the state of New Zealand’s environment says.

No CGT, but green taxes still on the agenda

Thursday - A capital gains tax might be off the agenda, but the Government isn’t ruling out environmental taxes recommended by the Tax Working Group.


Thursday - Spot NZUs opened at $25.60 bid and $25.70 offered this morning, after last fixing at $25.65.


Thursday - Ten years ago, the forestry sector was warning of a carbon deficit blow-out after 2018 as trees planted in the early 1980s are harvested.

MEMO LABOUR: The answers are in your files

Wednesday - Labour could find solutions in its own files to the problem of putting a price on greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.


Wednesday - Ten years ago, uncertainty over the Emissions Trading Scheme was expected to keep carbon prices volatile.

Carbon market pioneer Thomas Song dies

Thomas Song

Tuesday - A New Zealand carbon market pioneer has died.


Tuesday - Ten years ago, forest owners were receiving their first carbon credits and were figuring out what to do next.

NZ to include 'imported' greenhouse gases

Monday - Greenhouse gases embedded in imported products will be included alongside home-grown emissions in the Government’s new reporting regime.


Monday - Ten years ago, the Green Party released its Green New Deal plan, offering at least 42,000 new jobs and a proposal to tackle economic, climate and environmental problems in one go.

Zero Carbon Bill out soon, says Shaw

12 Apr 19 - The long-awaited Zero Carbon Bill will be unveiled soon, says climate minister James Shaw.

EDITORIAL: No news is bad news

12 Apr 19 - Why are we apparently so unconcerned that our greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise?


12 Apr 19 - Ten years ago, New Zealanders were in support of signing up to the second part of the Kyoto Protocol.

Transport mainly to blame as emissions rise

11 Apr 19 - New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions are growing again, following the global trend.


11 Apr 19 - Ten years ago, United States President Barack Obama’s science adviser was backing climate engineering.

Harrison our new voice on world climate stage

10 Apr 19 - New Zealand has a new Climate Change Ambassador.

New panel to assess what changing climate is doing

Dr Anne Bardsley

10 Apr 19 - A new panel has been appointed to assess how climate change is likely to affect New Zealand.


10 Apr 19 - Ten years ago, the Government was being told that including hydrofluorocarbons – one of the most damaging greenhouse gases – in the Emissions Trading Scheme could lead to an increase in emissions.

Govt sleuths crack carbon emissions case

9 Apr 19 - The car fleet used by New Zealand's fraud sleuths might be the smallest in the entire Government, but it's also the most climate-friendly.

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