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Today 12:00pm - Ten years ago, the United States was being urged to ban banks from trading in carbon amid fears they would push up prices.

Changes turning Arctic into economic hotspot

Today 12:00pm - As melting ice opens Arctic shipping lanes and reveals incredible riches, the region is seen as a new geopolitical and economic asset, with the US, Russia, China and others wanting in.

Without our help, the world's forests would not be burning

Today 12:00pm - Fuel is everywhere in rainforests, but it seems unimaginable that such humid ecosystems could ever catch fire. And without human intervention, they don’t.

Are doctors ready to respond as planet warms?

Today 12:00pm - As climate change brings dangerous heat waves, too little is being done to better warn patients or physicians of the growing risk, medical experts say.

No pot of gold for locals as China mines Sierra Leone

Today 12:00pm - Like many African countries, Sierra Leone has courted foreign companies which pay governments big fees for mining rights, while locals often feel they have no say nor benefit.

Cities scrambling to protect people from heat

Today 12:00pm - With cities facing both rapid growth and radical, permanent climate change, urban authorities are faced with an increasingly vulnerable population.

Outcry goes global as Amazon forests burn

Friday - The environment minister of Brazil, where wildfires have been sweeping the Amazon rainforest, was booed at a climate event yesterday as celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio and Ariana Grande joined an international chorus of criticism.

Sanders unveils $16 trillion Green New Deal

Friday - Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has unveiled a $16.3 trillion plan for a Green New Deal, giving shape to a massive programme to overhaul the nation's economy and eliminate fossil...

Will environmental populism save the planet?

Friday - It's a telling indictment of the quality and imagination of international leaders that schoolchildren are taking the lead on an issue that will, for better or worse, define their future.

Engineers taking up the climate mantle

Friday - In the wake of entire countries and professional bodies such as the Institute of Architects declaring a climate emergency, engineers are considering the same move.

Wooden skyscrapers sprout as world goes cool on concrete

Friday - With concrete a major source of climate-changing emissions, cities around the world are looking at high-rise wooden buildings instead.

Global engineer cuts ties with Adani

Thursday - The global engineering and consultancy firm Aurecon has severed a longstanding business relationship with the Adani Group, amid ongoing efforts by anti-coal activists to target firms working for the...

Clean-energy jobs lead the way in California

Thursday - Clean energy jobs in California now outnumber jobs in the fossil fuel industry five to one, a new study has found.

Scientists get a rough ride in Trump's America

Thursday - When the news is bad, punish the messenger, as in today’s United States it’s increasingly the case that politics tops science.

How can we do something useful with ocean plastic?

Thursday - Growing awareness of ocean plastic has prompted local efforts to keep beaches clean. But the amount of discards collected poses the question of what to do with it.

World leaders, high fashion stitch together a climate deal

Thursday - G7 leaders this weekend will join fashion retailers and brands to sigfn a global pact to fight the climate crisis and protect biodiversity and the oceans.

Don't blame nature for this warming world

Wednesday - The only period in which the world’s climate has changed everywhere and at the same time is right now.

Singapore expects to pay $72b for climate peace of mind

Wednesday - low-lying Singapore could spend $US72 billion or more over the next 50 to 100 years to adapt to climate change and rising sea levels, according to its prime minister.

Australian power stations among most toxic

Wednesday - Power stations in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley and New South Wales’s Lake Macquarie region have been named on a list of the world’s biggest hotspots for toxic air pollution.

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Ports of Auckland buys world-first electric tug

5 Aug 19 - Ports of Auckland has signed a contract with Dutch company Damen Shipyards to...

Gene editing has crucial role in cutting emissions

Dr Zahra Champion

30 Jul 19 - Gene editing has a crucial role to play in reducing emissions to deal with...

LGNZ gets clear climate message from school activists

26 Jul 19 - School Strike 4 Climate NZ organisers Sophie Handford and Raven Maeder...

New plant makes food packaging from recycled plastic

16 Jul 19 - A new plant to make New Zealand’s first range of food packaging from recycled...

Energy agency welcomes Government moves on e-vehicles

11 Jul 19 - Proposals to get more low-emission vehicles on New Zealand roads could be a...

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