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Turnbull tells Adani native title won't stop mine

13 Apr 17 - Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has assured the Indian billionaire hoping to build Australia’s largest coal mine in Queensland that native title issues will not stop the $16 billion project.

Barrier bleaching could set back Queensland by $1b

13 Apr 17 - Queensland's economy and tourism sector could suffer a billion-dollar hit, if extreme coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef continues, says a new report.

Beating the heat for apartment dwellers

11 Apr 17 - Heatwaves could be deadly for many Australian apartment dwellers if the grid fails, so architects are coming up with ways to manage temperatures passively.

Three Australian banks review exposure to fossil fuels

10 Apr 17 - Three of Australia’s big four banks are reviewing their exposure to fossil fuels, including their lending practices to households and farmers, in response to climate change.

Debbie shows up dangers of concentrated cropping

7 Apr 17 - The damage wrought by cyclone Debbie raises broader questions about the resilience of Australia’s fresh vegetable supply, much of which comes from a relatively small number of areas that are under pressure from climate and land use change.

Open letter urges Turnbull to deliver energy reforms

7 Apr 17 - Former Australian Liberal party leader John Hewson and sustainable energy entrepreneur Simon Holmes à Court are among the signatories to a new open letter urging Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to implement three urgent reforms to the energy market.

Memo Australia: There'll be many more Debbies

6 Apr 17 - Climate change will continue to amplify extreme weather events in Australia, including intense heavy rainfall and flooding, like that triggered by cyclone Debbie.

Australia in ‘disaster alley’ for climate refugees

5 Apr 17 - Australia could be on the frontline of a new wave of climate refugees displaced by extreme weather events, droughts and rising seas.

Australia looks at benefits of social impact investing

4 Apr 17 - Governments, communities and industries are grappling with issues such as climate change, inequality and social justice – and how to mobilise more funding to tackle these issues. One possible...

South Australia gets billion-dollar solar farm

3 Apr 17 - A huge $1bn solar farm and battery project will be built and ready to operate in South Australia’s Riverland region by the end of the year.

Exit Hazelwood ... and the myth of cheap fossil fuels

31 Mar 17 - Australia's giant Hazelwood brown coal generator shut down the last of its eight units at 4pm yesterday, the latest and the most powerful symbol of the vast and rapid change in the nation's energy...

Sydney looks at 2050 to be carbon neutral

30 Mar 17 - Sydney has a plan to be carbon-neutral by 2050.

Debbie could teach us a thing or two

30 Mar 17 - Despite knowing, approximately, where cyclones tend to occur, we've never thought about adjusting our cities to their effects.

Wildlife changing to keep up with climate

30 Mar 17 - Climate change is one of the greatest threats facing Australia’s wildlife, plants and ecosystems, a point driven home by two consecutive years of mass coral bleaching on the Great Barrier Reef.

BILL McKIBBEN: Adani mine is the line in the sand

28 Mar 17 - There is nowhere else on the planet right now where the dichotomy between two potential futures is playing out in such a dramatic and explosive way as Australia.

Australia to shut big-polluting power station

24 Mar 17 - Australia's most polluting power station, Hazelwood, is set to become the ninth coal-fired power station to close its doors, as the nation’s transition from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy...

Pressure mounts on Finkel to consider pricing carbon

20 Mar 17 - The Liberal New South Wales government, major energy users, manufacturers and businesses have urged the Finkel review of the electricity market to consider a price on carbon or a market mechanism.

Turnbull plan strikes at heart of fossil fuel industry

17 Mar 17 - Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull wants to spend $2 billion on a hydro scheme that will potentially drive a stake through the heart of the country's fossil fuel generation industry.

Dump all fossil fuels, says Climate Council

14 Mar 17 - Australia’s Climate Council has called for a rapid move away from all fossil-fuelled power sources to reduce the nation’s rising carbon emissions and to protect against worsening extreme weather.

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